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Frédéric Devernay

Discussion  - 
Natron 2.2.1 is out!

This is a bug-fix release.
- fix a bug with the file dialog when network drives are detached on Windows
- the "Open Recent" menu now shows the directory name if there are several files with the same name.

- STMap: was broken in 2.2, fix it.
- WritePNG: fix writing 16 bit PNG
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Natron 2.1.9 is now available.

- Read/Write: Do not automatically set parameters when changing the filename (#1492). Creating a new Reader/Writer still sets those automatically.
- ctrl-click on a node in the nodegraph (cmd-click on Mac) now opens its control-panel (same as double-click)
- Curves with a single keyframe can now have a slope.
- Fix gamma=0 in the viewer
- Fix a bug where removing all control points from ColorLookup would crash the application
- Fix bugs in curves drawing.
- Fix potential crashes when using KDE on Linux
- Fix a bug where Roto strokes drawn at a different frame of the current frame would disappear
- (macOS) Fix a bug where the interface would become very slow after a String parameter is disabled or enabled
- ColorWheel: antialiased rendering
- Rectangle: add rounded corners
- PIKColor: fix black rims issue #1502, rework & optimize
- PIKColor: remove hard limits on parameters b85f558
- Grade & Gamma: fix behaviour when gamma=0
- Shadertoy: support iChannelResolution

And as a bonus openfx-gmic is now in beta, featuring binaries for Linux and Mac (Windows will be added soon). Get it at
System requirements Your system must have one of the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 10) Apple Mac OS X 10.6 or greater GNU/Linux 2.6.18 or greater (Glibc 2.12+, libgcc…
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+Adam Earle Thanks for the feedback. 3D space etc is a (very) known feature request, this will be added in the future. The Nuke Studio stuff is not something that is on the roadmap yet. The Foundry merged Hiero into Nuke to make Studio, something they did because Nuke was more or less feature complete in regards to compositing, Natron is not there yet (only at v2, compare that to Nuke v2 and well.....).
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Natron 2.1.7 is now available.

* Fix a bug where PyPlugs would not load if the PYTHONPATH environment variable was set
* Fix a bug in the file dialog
* (beta feature) SlitScan: Per-pixel retiming.

And other fixes.
System requirements Your system must have one of the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 10) Apple Mac OS X 10.6 or greater GNU/Linux 2.6.18 or greater (Glibc 2.12+, libgcc…
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Frédéric Devernay

Discussion  - 
Natron 2.1.5 is out

- Introduce the notion of "Format", which is basically the area of the image to be displayed (similar to the display window in OpenEXR). Each clip has a format attached, so a project can contain images of different sizes.
- Fix a bug where deprecated plugins would not be loaded from project file 2561778
- macOS: clicking the dock icon now raises all windows
- macOS: fix ColorLookUp curves parameter display
- PyPlug: fix a bug where removing a node inside a Group would break any expression on its siblings
- Reader: fix a bug where copy/pasting a node would display a "Bad Image Format" error
- The whole user interface now uses the same font, and dialogs were cleaned up to use standard buttons
- Roto: fix a bug where the selected tool in the viewer would not refresh properly
- Fix a bug where Natron would not work properly when installed in a directory containing unicode characters
- OpenEXR: fix a bug where auto-crop files would not have their origin placed correctly

- Crop: add the "Extent" choice, to chose either a predefined format or a custom size
- Blur: add the "Crop To Format" option.
- Reformat: if input has a format, use it to compute the reformated output.
- NoOp: can also set the format.
- Shuffle: re-enable the "Output Components" choice"
- Premult/UnPremult: don't try to check processed channel when rewiring the input
- (beta feature) ErodeBlur: Erode or dilate a mask by smoothing.
- (beta feature) KeyMix: Copies A to B only where Mask is non-zero.
- (beta feature) PIK: A per-pixel color difference keyer that uses a mix operation instead of a max operation to combine the non-backing screen channels.
- (beta feature) PIKColor: Generate a clean plate from each frame for keying with PIK.
- (beta feature) Sharpen & Soften: new plugins.
- (beta feature) EdgeExtend: Fill a matte (i.e. a non-opaque color image with an alpha channel) by extending the edges of the matte.

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Will any of the devs attend Libre Graphics Meeting 2017 in Rio? I'm attending and I would like to propose another project on a color grading system like Resolve or Baselight, fully scriptable, etc
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I'll try to make some mock-ups
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Just a heads-up, the server hosting and will be down for a couple of hours tomorrow due too a server upgrade. The upgrade should not take more than 2-3 hours, but all services on that server will be unavailable during that time.

The forum will be shut-down before this happens to avoid any loss of information. If you need any files from you should download them today.

Our main website will not be affected, but several links will not function until the other server is online. You may also experience corrupt files while the upgrade is happening, so just avoid downloading files until we notify on the forum/website that everything is ok.

Name, Last Modified, Size, Type. Parent Directory/, -, Directory. Examples/, 2015-Jul-21 12:45:03, -, Directory. Linux/, 2015-Nov-26 00:24:55, -, Directory. Mac/, 2015-Oct-08 18:33:31, -, Directory. Third_Party_Binaries/, 2015-Dec-17 16:31:29, -, Directory ...
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downloads and forum are up-and-running. 
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Holger Kds

Discussion  - 
Soon Coming
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Hello everyone! New Natron tuto on my channel, check it out!
On this episode we will learn how to animate a bouncing ball using the Transform Node and how to edit its keyframes using the Curve Editor.
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About this community

This community gathers users of the Natron free open source compositing software.

Frédéric Devernay

Discussion  - 
Natron 2.2 is released. Check it out!

Natron is an open source professional-quality compositing software.
We are looking for funding from partners (studios, software companies) to support the development of Natron.

Release notes:
- OpenGL rendering is enabled by default for interactive editing in plugins that support it (but still disabled for background rendering)
- Roto & RotoPaint: ellipses and circles are more accurate
- When a plugin is not available with the right major version, use the smallest major version above for better compatibility (before that change, the highest major version was returned)
- Natron can now be launched in 32-bits mode on macOS
- Documentation is now licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, and external contributions are welcome
- Organize nodes documentation
- New project formats: HD_720, UHD_4K, 2K_DCP, 4K_DCP

### Plugins

- The plugins that were made available as beta features in the 2.1 releases are now considered stable:
- DenoiseSharpen: new wavelet-based denoising plugin
- EdgeBlur: Blur the image where there are edges in the alpha/matte channel.
- EdgeDetect: Perform edge detection by computing the image gradient magnitude.
- EdgeExtend: Fill a matte (i.e. a non-opaque color image with an alpha channel) by extending the edges of the matte.
- ErodeBlur: Erode or dilate a mask by smoothing.
- HueCorrect: Apply hue-dependent color adjustments using lookup curves.
- HueKeyer: Compute a key depending on hue value.
- KeyMix: Copies A to B only where Mask is non-zero.
- Log2Lin: Convert from/to the logarithmic space used by Cineon files.
- PIK: A per-pixel color difference keyer that uses a mix operation instead of a max operation to combine the non-backing screen channels.
- PIKColor: Generate a clean plate from each frame for keying with PIK.
- PLogLin: Convert between linear and log representations using the Josh Pines log conversion.
- Quantize: Reduce the number of color levels with posterization or dithering
- SeExprSimple: new simple expression plugin with one expression per channel
- Sharpen & Soften: new plugins.
- SlitScan: Per-pixel retiming.
- SeNoise: fix bugs in the Transform parameters #1527
- PIKColor: do not expand region of definition
- Shadertoy: support iDate, add presets, fix CPU rendering #1526
- Transform & CornerPin: additional "Amount" parameter to control the amount of transform to apply.
- ColorLookup: fix a bug where output was always clamped to (0,1) #1533
- Grade: fix a bug where negative values were clamped even when gamma=1 #1533
- STMap, IDistort, LensDistortion, Transform, CornerPin: reduce supersampling to avoid artifacts
- LensDistortion: add STMap output mode, add undistort output, add PFBarrel and 3DEqualizer distortions model, add proper region of definition support.
- RotoMerge: a merge plugin that takes an external mask as the alpha for the A input.
- WriteFFmpeg: DNxHD codec now supports DNxHR HQ, DNxHR SQ and DNxHR LB profiles.

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Keep on the good job :)
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First beta release of G'MIC OpenFX plugins for Natron. This is a OpenFX build customized for Natron 2.x, based on the original sources from +Tobias Fleischer .

Binaries for all supported platforms are available at
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Adam Earle

Discussion  - 
Video Editor open source and so far its pretty darn good.

Guys this looks pretty good. Does anyone know if there is dev work going on intergrating some the features into Natron, Blender, Krita, OpenToonz, Audacity,
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The Natron Community Plugins 2.1.7 are now available. Featuring installers for all platforms. Enjoy! :)
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Ok, tanks 
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Janne Liljeblad

Discussion  - 
Hi, I'm the main developer of Flowblade Movie Editor, and I'm just starting to see what can I do to integrate Flowblade with Natron.

First I'm trying to just export a clip into Natron. I started Natron with command:

Natron /home/janne/

with contents of being:

import NatronEngine

def createInstance(app,group):
readerNode = app.createReader("/home/janne/Videos/motog/Camera/video.mp4")
viewerNode = app.createNode("fr.inria.built-in.Viewer")
viewerNode.connectInput(0, readerNode)

readerNode.setPosition(300.0, 100.0)
viewerNode.setPosition(315.0, 300.0)

This opens Natron and creates nodes, but something is not right, I get this (click on it if it shows black).

If I delete the Viewer and create a new one it works.

What's the catch, any pointers?

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+Ole-André Rodlie​ Can you please fix that, either in the docs or in the code?
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Raphael Platte

Discussion  - 
I've created a Natron color grading tutorial. How could I get this added to the official documentation?
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You need to write it using RST (, fork the Natron repository on github, add the RST file to Documentation/source/guide and do a pull request. I can also help you adapt your tutorial if needed.
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A little exercise with Natron. I did for to present my 3d sculpture :)
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Holographic Button Part 2 (Compositing) is ready and online! (English Version)
Check it out! :D
Holographic Button Part 2 (Compositing) is ready and online! (English Version)
Check it out! :D
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Frédéric Devernay

Discussion  - 
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Its a bootleg. The official video with really good audio will be published soon :)
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