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Hello Friends,
I am sharing mY youtube Vlog ,Hope You would like this

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With the aim of obtaining pure and natural honey with complete nonviolent system, beekeeping was started by Dr. Dharmesh Vadher in 2012.
Very few people know that beekeeping is not a process of exploitation, but it is a process of nourishment. It is based on the principle of symbiosis rather than parasitism. This means that it is not only beneficial for humans but for humans and honeybees both. Actually beekeeping is beneficial for farmer, agriculture and nature. Only by hobby of living with nature, the small beginning of beekeeping now converted in a form of business over time. Today Indigenous honey have more than 1000 beehives. The area of working of our bees is the rural area of ​​Gir Somnath district.
In one bee hive there is a queen bee, 200-300 male bees and 20,000 to 80,000 workers bees. This family of bees is cultivated in a scientifically made wooden box. These boxes are kept in areas full of blooming flowers. Because of more blooming flowers, bees make honey more than they need. This extra honey is extracted by a modern technology machine. During this process of extraction, not a single honeybee, eggs or larva get damage. This honey is unprocessed and no external substance (preservatives, sugar etc.) is added to it. Only filtered by cotton clothe.
Indigenous Honey gives you 100% pure and natural (Raw, Unfiltered & Unpasteurized) honey.
Web: Mail:
Webpage – Indigenoushoney
Call: +91 9275136336

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Good Morning Friends!! Home remedy for Cough & Cold :
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(a) Ajwain leaves (also known as Karpooravalli) - 4 to 5 leaves
(b) Thulasi leaves - 8 to 10 leaves
(c) Betel leaves - 4 to 5 leaves
(d) Pepper - 1 tsp
(e) Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
(f) Palm sugar - 2 tsp
(g) Water

STEP1: Collect all the leaves (Ensure they are fresh and free from damage made by insects)
STEP2: Wash them thoroughly
STEP3: In a vessel, add water and let it boil in simmer for few minutes
STEP4: Once water starts boiling, add all the leaves & stir
STEP5: Add cumin seeds & pepper. Give a gentle stir & let it boil in low flame
STEP6: Add palm sugar & stir well. Let is boil for 2 to 3 minutes
STEP7: Filter the juice and discard the leaves
STEP8: Sprinkle pepper powder if you like & serve hot

Don't expect immediate results. It is natural and will take its time. Drink twice or thrice daily for 3 days. You can also collect the leaves, wash them and dry them. After they are completely dried (will take few days), powder and store them. Just mix the powder (2 to 3 tsp) in hot water and drink.

Please let me know your suggestions and feedback. Happy to learn and share. Take care..

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Late Evening Delhi Food Tour for Lynsey Wolstenholme and her friends

Tour Type: Delhi Food Tour. Link Guest Name: Lynsey Wolstenholme Tour Date : 26th October 2013 This private and customised food tour was arranged for Lynsey Wolstenholme and her 5 friends. Start time was around 4 pm and the tour covered parts of Old Delhi and New Delhi.

Fantastic - do not miss this! We did this tour as a group of 6 friends whilst backpacking in India. Whilst quite pricey on a backpacking budget I can honestly say it is well worth the money! Rajeev and JD are great hosts and good fun to spend a few hours with; and most importantly showed us some exceptionally good food in Delhi. The food is varied and consistently good, and served from spots you are unlikely to find as a tourist - I had been to Delhi a couple of times before and had no idea these places existed! We especially enjoyed the tour around Old Delhi, which is amazing but can be a bit overwhelming if you don't know where you are going, so it was cool to be led around and fed! The kulfi stop will live long in the memory - Recommended.

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Quiet Cabin
Super Luxury Interiors, 22 Push Back Seats, Sony Home Theatre, Truly a Flying Experience on Road
1.Non A/C
Vehicle Rent Rs. 3500/- Day
Driver Bata 300/- Day
Fuel Rs.11/Km or Fuel on Full to Full Basis
Vehicle Rent Rs. 4500/- Day
Driver Bata 300/- Day
Fuel Rs.13/Km or Fuel on Full to Full Basis
3.Other Terms
Toll, Parking and Other Entry Charges by Guest.
Contact us:
No. 99, Vysial street
Puducherry, 605001.
Ph: 80157 57575
Tel: 0413 234 0000
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