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Is it possible to write APT that can scan multiple projects ? In Eclipse I can register processor on the single project level. What I need is the processor that can scan multiple projects.

Example: Let's say I have multiple JPA projects (like Core, HR, ...) and I want to build one HibernateConfigurator class that registers (addAnnotatedClass ...) all classes found (in multiple projects) that are annotated with @Entity.

If possible please provide same link, I could not find anything like that.

Thanks in advance.

I need help with APT, i have a case where i use APT to generate code that registers implementations in Key,Value pairs, the APT processor simply find a single class that is annotated with @ClientModule then it finds All other classes annotated with different annotations eg: @Request , and generates a class that registers them all, then i added a new processor that actually generates a classes annotated as @Request, the issue is that the newly generated @Request classes are not being processed by the main processor, the processor that works on the @ClientModule annotation runs for one time, and then the other processor runs so the main one does not pick the generated @Request classes, is there any way to make the main processor runs again after the generation of the @Request classes?

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Switch from Google Plugin for Eclipse to the new Google Cloud Tools for Eclipse. It has an awesome development team, support and features.

Then switch to the GWT Eclipse Plugin which has taking over the GWT responsibility.

https://developers.google.com/eclipse/ - More on GPE

Download and Install the GWT Eclipse Plugin

* I'm ramping up next week to fix more defects and improve the Plugin. I know of some of the issues and aiming to fix them. 

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An example GWT Elemental 2 Canvas and 2d Context use.

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Published the video "Make enterprise apps development easy,fast & reliable"
By +Luca Masini & +Alberto Mancini
#GWTcon2016 #GWT

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Thank you +Asim Pereira for sharing your GMD Application to the community. 

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This is a GWT app heavy use of gwtquery and gwt material design. I need help with a little CSS and javascript logic

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Published the video 'JsInterop, Elemental2 and coding beyond 2.8'
by +Daniel Kurka
#GWTcon2016 #GWT #Elemental2


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Dear friends,
Previously we announced beta version of our game, Medievan, which includes a GUI being developed using GWT and now also native android.
We evaluated beta feedback and now ready to move next step. Still your opinions very appreciated, so give it a try and let us know what you think.

We really want to hear your feedback and ideas, as well as any bugs you find. Feel free send email to Medievan Support at medievan@elektromarket.com.

Medievan is an MMO strategy - city building game; we think that player who likes Civilization or Heroes Might & Magic series will love our game also. It has many common features with strategy and RPG games like; city management, heroes, quests, alliances, technologies. Still we believe that we have so many innovative mechanics and not seen features for such web games like; free hero movement on world map, war simulation and battle replay.

You can register and play gwt web version using following link:


also android version is available via:


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Do you want to integrate a map in your GWT application? New version of gwt-ol3 is just released:


Showcase can be found here:


With https://github.com/TDesjardins/gwt-ol3 you can write web mapping applications in pure java.
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