I think the most rewarding part of the writing life is when I am told that someone derived joy from one of my books. That's the reason I write. Reading has always been my favorite past time. And through writing and publishing, I hope to spread that same joy that I have derived from reading.

Thank you for the invite.

I am in a funk. I'm trying to get some work done. But the winter blues has hit. Anyone know a cure?

Today I live another day, breathe another breath, cry another tear, and write another page. The joy of it all is not in what I do, but why I do it.

I would like to welcome all of the members who have joined my community. I would love to hear a little about you and what you do. Please feel free to share your work and ideas. Thank you for joining.
Charlene Iverson - Author

One thing that I have found when proofreading material is too set it aside for a few weeks. Then go back and proofread. You miss a lot less errors that way. The first book that I self published, I barged right into. When I went back to look it over later, I was very embarrassed at all the errors I found. I had to resubmit it.

Tomorrow, I start writing a new book where I get to live a new life and share new dreams. What a glorious life having the life of a writer.

What can I say about the writer's life? It is filled with friends, mystery, hope, love, horror, joy, sadness and everything that I could hope to have in this life. It is the beat of my heart. And I get to create it all.

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A novel about a woman with a physical disability that is diagnosed with mental retardation.

One thing that I have found about writing is that I must. If I didn't write I would whither up and die. I tried to stop for a week. I felt lost and alone. It was as though I had lost my lover or my best friend. I think, therefore I write.
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