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Hola soy nueva gracias por aceptarme 

broke up

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Name: Zie The Cat

Age: 12

Sex: Female

Parents: Sonic the Hedgehog And Blaze the Cat

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Fur Color: Pink

Wears (Clothes): Red Shirt, Purple Skirt, Black Jacket, Black Shoes, Black Ponytail

Relatives (RP): Solar The Hedgehog And Sorio Phoenix

Walking Through The Halls, Crying

caminando por el pasillo
hola????? hay alguien???????

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Holi emmm soy nueva aquí
espero caerles bien =3

Nombre: danielle the princess hedgehog
Apodo: dany
Edad: 12
Estado: soltera
Sexo: mujer
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en el pasillo matando a fran
Gino exe:jajaja

guys could u please friend +Shado hedgehog he's new

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This is a new profile ok hope you like

Name: Shu Kunn Nilo
Gender: Male
Dislikes:bullies,op people,jerks,waiting
Species: Human/Demon/metal dragon
Powers: Metal storm/Power nova/Soul charge
Weapons: Sword as dagger
Bio: I am a assassin and I will kill these who hurt me and I need my family to help me and you all are my family those who apose say now shall you die thin and there I have a big family it makes me more strong as we all stand together.
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