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Todays tribute party for the Fabulous V(Virtual Christine) who will be taking more time off from OpenSim to further her education and gallyvant around Japan next year with her son Jambo(James). :)
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I asked for a water cooler yesterday and Garry Beaumont stepped up and typed that he would make one for the IMA (InfininiteMetaverseAlliance). Today he delivered the bestest looking hot and cold water cooler in the entire metaverse. It has vibrating water in cup and everything almost. :) :) :) When you land at the region it's best if you do an "area search" then "find", there you will type "hot and cold" and wuhlah!! there you will see it listed, and if you double click on it the camera will go straight to it and you can double click to it if yer a double click jumper, if yer not? well good luck to ya. :) :) :) (really great touch making it a cooler by Craftgrid Water Co.)

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I saw in my Viewer when logging into Craft World grid that it will be down for a few days for maintenance August 3- whenever they are all done. :) Stay tuned.

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Celebrating the life of Lumiere Noir
Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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The main Craft store is going to renew!
On March 31, at 12 PM (SL Time) 21:00 (Central Europe Time), we will inaugurate the new Craft shopping region, Park Plaza, which will take the place of the old Craft Store !!
All Craftians who wish to add their contribution by putting their creations to share, please contact +Tosha Tyran.

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this week's event
+++++ US people, note, the Safari begins an hour later than normal this week, at 1pm Pacific ++++
DESTINATION 1 Visionz Magazine Anniversary party with concert by Rosy Ogrady. Meet the writers, learn how you can contribute to the Hypergrid's premier publication. Emagine
DESTINATION 2 The Little Prince at EDU3D on Craft
Edu3D is an educational collective. We visit the Little Prince display, and learn about the aims of this group. and look for the TP "Il Piccolo Principe"
DESTINATION 3 Double Visionz! Back to the party at Visionz Magazine for all those who got the wrong time Music, dancing and other stuff. Emagine

Good morning
We are customers of OVH (our provider for Craft) for over 8 years, with an average of 8-10 servers operating for Craft and other services. It means that we have run over 700 monthly payments along the time, all turned out well without any problems.
Unfortunately the last payment of server s05 has not been considered by OVH (exactly SoYouStart, an affiliate of OVH) and the server is now suspended.
On Saturday their contact center does not work for a rapid solution of the problem so we opened a ticket in the hope that they could solve the problem as quickly as possible.
The regions involved are the following:
Centro Etoile
Desert Rose
El Barrio
Racine Lake
Sandbox WInd
Slum City
In the case of long time solving the problem, rented regions will be compensated with additional service days after expiration.

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All are welcome
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