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A good news for Indian publishers - Google is introducing Google Apps referral program in India. You can earn US$7.50 per sign up, which is a good deal.

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hello everyone
I am new to google+ and I have recently created a community for writing poems which I named as "Thoughts and poems- a hidden chamber of your heart"
where I have shared few poems from my diary and I want more viewers to read those poems and share their own poems in that page what should I do?
please give your suggestions.

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Hello Great People, I'm glad to be Here. Please i'm looking for ways i can get more visitors to my blog and make money through adsense

I created a google hosted account for my youtube channel. Now if I want to create another google Adsense account for my blogger site, will it be violated google's rules ? Will Google ban my both Adsense account ? Plz help me as I am very new in this field. I want to be transparent in the eye of Google.

What is your biggest blogging struggle?

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