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Hello everyone. As community owner I would like to thank everyone for joining. If anyone would care to join a LARP group stationed in Salinas/Monterey just comment.

Hello everyone... I am creating a group chat in hangouts... Please indicate whether you wish to join in the comments... Thank you

Ok... You have all been very patient and I thank you... Without further ado... This is the background lore for the LARP...

Humanity is just beginning to rebuild civilization after the 10-year nuclear war finally ended. Many people simply wish to regain some sense of normalcy... Others wish to take advantage of the massive power vacuum that the war provided. With no more written laws or regulations, people must decide what is right or wrong for themselves... With assassins being hired and vigilantes taking justice upon their own discretion, the fragile bonds that humanity had reformed were threatening to break. As a safeguard five gangs were formed (Victory Rising, Purity Contract, Adventure's Spirit, Blood Cypher, and Justice Contour) to recruit the strongest of humanity, however... The gangs did not see eye to eye on the best method to protect the people. The gang Victory Rising believed that humanity ought to do as it wishes whenever it wants. Purity Contract supported peace as the best chance humans had. Adventure's Spirit believed that humans should become travelers... Never staying in the same place for long. Blood Cypher believed that any threat to humanity must be killed to protect every person. Justice Contour believed in the old system of justice. As time passed these founding properties became less and less represented... The members of the gangs become nothing more than mercenaries to be hired and bought by others. Now, the new leaders of the gangs have begun to collaborate and ally with and against the other gangs, and the people whom they swore to protect fear for another war.

Hey everyone!! It's been a long time, I wanted to thank everyone for being so patient with us through this process. I just wanted to update on a few things. As you may have noticed, us LARP leaders are having some creative struggles. If anyone has any ideas to add in and to make the LARP more exciting and enjoyable for eveyone involved, please do not hesitate to contact us.

On the subject of storyline and background, I can give you the little bit of story that we have decided on:
The world in which we live in is one that takes place about 10 years after an atomic war has wiped out most of the life on Earth. The world is just starting to put it's self back together. So when writing your character, think of before and after the war, how it affected your character, and what damage that it had to their life and outlook.

Character applications must follow the layout +william dosch​​ posted quite a bit ago. For the hunters, your animal companion will be approved on a case to case basis. Just use reason and common sense. We won't accept anything will not fit or would not make sense in the world. If your companion is not accepted, we will offer suggestions and recommendations so that you may get it approved. If you have any additional questions, please dont hesitate to ask +william dosch​ or​ myself.

Again, thank you for your patience.

I have recently hit a rather bad spell of writers block (for lack of a better phrase) in the story line... Please comment with any ideas you have that you would like to see integrated into the LARP... All help is appreciated

As always, we are working very hard to get this up and running... We thank you for your patience and support... Also, sorry about the long absences... With all that is going on... We get swept up and can't always pick up our phone or laptop to make a post...

Hey... Sorry I haven't been very active on here... School, theater, and band has kept me very just recently... If any of you have any questions, comments, or suggestions
Kik: failharder13
Feel free to use these to contact me

Hello everyone. It's been a while since any of us mods have posted anything. This is because of us all being busy with school. Also, we are all struggling with creator's block. So, if anyone is willing to help with creation, please comment below.

So do we have any knowledge on when any of the lore/world is going to be announced? 

I am posting the classes for the character creation. Start thinking about your characters name; age; bio; etc.

Outlaw- wanted by the law, experienced in one section of weaponry, not very good at defense

Ranger- apocalypse version of a Fantasy Hunter, they mostly use ranged weapons, always has an animal companion

Scout- always out on the road, looking for more scraps to sell. Go to them for new weapons, almost always is with an Inventor

Inventor- all of their weapons are hand made, sometimes malfunction. They are a normally very hectic class

Bounty Hunter- always hunting Outlaws, takes them to the vigilantes for money

Manhunter- an only female class, they are a low playing class. They always travel with a male counterpart

Assassin- payed to take out others, the assassin lives off of killing others

Vigilante- unofficial law force, normally follows a set of their own laws and defies the officials

Lone hunter- travels and works alone, a solo role. The have high offense but low support.

Scientist- a pure support role, little to no offensive abilities

Hey Everyone. I just wanted to bring something up. This community has just started to get new members and we are already having spam problems. Please do not post spam. You will be removed if you post ads and spam posts here. Thank you.
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