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Imagine that the couch was a fence and the wall was a farm
RavenStar sat these thinking bout her younger sisters FeatherHeart and FrostPelt.Who were half tamed cats.Were she was was far from her territory and will at least take 2 days to get back without going in any other clans territory.As a clan leader she cannot do that.But she had to get back as soon as possible because she's about to have kits very soon.The closest clan in here was yours.And if she sneaked passed it.It would be faster.She didn't have any choice as she padded slowly in your clans territory but then got spotted by..YOU
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I thought it was fart and not Fan Art

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Can anyone make a prophecy here about warriors story? If you can tell about the life of the warrior please reply yes.

I will now announce my new clan name (no offense but ShineClan is a stupid name I just noticed lol), you will now know ShineClan into GlowClan. (IDC if people tell me you can't change your clans name)

((This tells you about my characters, their pasts, their struggles, and their futures. Grayflame goes to meet with evil cats and Icemoon learns that sickness is coming and has doubts about whether or not the can save Lakeclan.))
Grayflame pads softly out of Lakeclan territory and into the wilderness beyond the clans. She can feel herself shaking, even though there were now trees around her and she'd disguised her scent before slipping away she was afraid. She wasn't afraid of the clan she was sneaking away from, she actually hopes they'll catch her leaving. She's afraid of where she's going and the cats who wait for her. Relax Greyflame, don't let them smell your fear. She tells herself. Soon she caught their scent and her first instinct was to run, her knees buckling as she tries to resist the urge to escape from here. She pushed herself forward and soon heard voices, so she pushes through the annoying undergrowth and comes into a clearing full of disgusting,  bloodthirsty cats. She became aware of a stinging in her shoulder, she looks to see a thorn scratch and becomes aware that they're all over her. Stupid forest with it's stupid undergrowth, I can't wait to get back to Lakeclan territory. She growls quietly to herself. A Black she-cat and a tabby tom approach her. Ah, you finally arrived, I see you made it through the forest alright. The she-cat teases, looking over all Grayflame's cuts and scratches. Can you blame me? Lakeclan territory doesn't have so much stupid undergrowth. Grayflame hisses. It doesn't matter. Are you ready for you next task? The tom questions. Grayflame lets out a sigh and replies More or less. The tom nods but has an annoyed look in his eyes, it's no secret that he wishes she were more loyal. Take out their medicine cat before it gets an apprentice, do that and the clan will be weaker. Grayflame has to force herself to keep a straight face. How could he ask her to kill Icemoon? Her only friend, or at least as close as she lets herself get to having a friend. Soon sir, soon she will be dead. Grayflame replied, forcing her voice not to waver. Good. he replies and walks away. What am I doing? Grayflame whispers to herself. Across the clearing she hears a cough and her eyes flick toward a young she-cat who seems scrawny, beaten, and ill. Grayflame wasn't close enough to be sure, but she thought she could see bald patches, and the cat's eyes seemed to be glazed. Could it be? She asks herself, remembering how Icemoon's mother had looked with her fur falling out and her eyes glazed. Icemoon had done her best to heal the sick cat but to no avail. That was back before Grayflame had stupidly stumbled upon these awful cats who made her do bad things in exchange for information about her forgotten past. Her first memory was waking up as a six moon old kit in the medicine cat den with no memory and an awful headache. As she pushed her way through the undergrowth on her way back to Lakeclan she remembered the dreams that had lead her to the evil cats, she'd hoped she would find her family, but instead she found this. Soon she was back in clan territory and headed for camp. When she returned Icemoon was back from her trip to the moonpool, she seemed distressed as she spoke to their leader. When Grayflame padded up to her Lakeclan's leader padded away and Icemoon turned to greet her. Oh, hi Grayflame. She said. Hey, what's wrong? Grayflame asked. Illness is returning, the illness that killed my mother, and starclan say that only I can purge Lakeclan of it. But I can't, I just know I'll fail like last time! Like when Bluepaw died, like when Silverleaf died trying to heal warriors in the middle of a battle! I couldn't save my sister, my mentor, or my mother, so what makes starclan think I can save the whole clan? I'm the worst medicine cat ever! As she vented Grayflame realized just how bad things would be if she killed Icemoon, and it's like the bad cats knew this would happen. Icemoon, It's not your fault that they died. Bluepaw just couldn't get away from the fox, Silverleaf made the mistake that ended in her death, and nobody expected you to heal some random illness that we knew nothing about. You can't save everyone, so you need to accept that cats die and it's just part of life. Yes, cats will die, but you'll figure out how to heal them. Yes it'll be too late for some, but you can do this Icemoon. I believe you can save us.

SEE +Spottedmoon the Medicine Cat ITS CALLED "lol"

Here are some of the ShineClan warriors theme songs, comment if you want your own theme song

GlowStar (She-cat)- Cool kids by ~EcoSmith~
OrbTail (Tom)- Pain by ~Three Days Grace~
GingerPelt (She-cat)- We r who we are by ~Ke$ha~
TrustyLucky (Tom)- Gangnam Style by ~PSY~
DragonClaw (Tom)- Ho Hey by ~Lumineers~
CloudPelt (Tom)- Let her go by ~Passenger~
OceanEye (She-cat)- Dark side by ~Kelly Clarkson~
WiseEye (Tom)- Rise by ~Skillet~
BlackTail (Tom)- Shooting Star by ~Owl City~
FireFur (She-cat)- Fireflies by ~Owl City~
SpiderHeart (Tom)- Viva La Vida ~ColdPlay~
CloudEye (She-cat)- Eet by ~Regina Specktor~
SeashellHeart (She-cat)- Safe and Sound by ~Taylor Swift~
JackTail (Tom)- What you know by ~Two door cinema club~
(She-cat)- I write sins not tragedies by ~Panic! At the disco~
LightningEye (Tom)- Nicotine by ~Panic! At the disco~
ShadowHeart (Tom)- On top of the world ~Imagne dragons~
DustStorm (She-cat)- Skyfall by ~Adele~
SkyWhisker (Tom)- Listen to your heart by ~DHT ft. Edmee~
GoldFur (She-cat)- I can talk by ~Two door cinema club~
SunEye (Tom)- Animals by ~Maroon 5~
SnowHeart (She-cat)- I knew you were trouble by ~Taylor swift~
FrozenFoot (Tom)- Gives you hell by ~The all-american rejects~
MoonPaw (Tom)- Paradise by ~ColdPlay~
GrayPaw (She-cat)- Hollaback girl by ~Gwen Stefani~
FishPaw (Tom)- Hey brother by ~Avicii~
TigerPaw (She-cat)- 22 by ~Taylor swift~
DropPaw (She-cat)- Fancy by ~Iggy azalea ft. Charli XCX~
FoxPaw (Tom)- Happy by ~Pharrell Williams~
WolfPaw (Tom)- Boulevard of broken dreams by ~Green day~
MountainPaw (She-cat)- Miss Independent by ~Kelly clarkson~
TeaVelvet (She-cat)- My immortal by ~Evanescence~
SunShine (She-cat)- Bring me to life by ~Evanescence ~
Winter (She-cat)- Hot n' cold by ~Katy Perry~
JaguarHeart (She-cat)- I'm still Breathing by ~Katy Perry~
LightWhisker (She-cat)- You belong with me by ~Taylor swift~
VioletWhisker (She-cat)- A thousand years by ~Christina perri~
ClockEye (Tom)- Here I am by ~Bryan adams~
ThunderStorm (Tom)- Get off of my back by ~Bryan adams~
CleanTail (She-cat)- Stronger by ~Kelly clarkson~
FlowerHeart (She-cat)- World so cold by ~Three days grace~
TrinityStripe (Tom)- Where did angels go ~Papa roach~
GemKit (She-cat)- What the hell by ~Avril lavinge~
WhiteKit (Tom)- A light that never comes by ~Linkin park~
FlowerKit (She-cat)- Girlfriend by ~Avril lavinge~
SoftKit (Tom)- Mad world by ~Gary Jules ft. Michael Andrews~
AngelKit (She-cat)- Missing by ~Evanescence~
FastKit (Tom)- Monster by ~Skillet~

Comment to get your own theme song!!!

Hai everyone sorry I haven't been on much I have nonicwtions for this but they never come up so I think it's inactive sorry I'm not on too much
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