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Welcome to this community! In here is where you can roleplay in Medieval! Like anything can think that would happen in that time. If you like to do something like Game of Thrones in here, please rate it and no graphic pictures/gifs

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Full Name:Auorra Le Fay-Slytherin


Aniamagious:Black phionex
Hair:dark blonde
Eyes:dark blue
Skin tone:white
Apparel:gold sword and a sliver dragger
Social standing:used to be a lady of camelot but is now an outlaw though she does change her appers to a pesant's if she wants to sneak into Camelot.
Bio:she is a high priestess of the old religion.She used to be kind and sweet before the purge.As the king killed her parents,now she only wants revenge.An old witch resuced her before she was killed and gave her to the high priestesses.The high priestesses trained her and now she is a high priestess hershelf and she wants revenge on the kingdom that killed her parents.
Other:she is a high priestess and sister of Morgana and a half princess (she immortal like Morgana)

Anyone offers to be my (Celvana of Vanaheim) servant?

Is Arthur taken?

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name Loptr
also known as Hvedrungr
age 20
position King of Vanaheim
powers changing form, magic with runes, rules over fire
likes fire, loyality, power
disklikes strangers
appearance as in the pictures. He has fire red hair and blue eyes, is strong, handsome and tall
personality serious, patient, silent but loud in anger, passionate in things he likes
bio His parents were Farbauti and Laufey of the Northern Lands of Chaos. After the fall of the realm and the killing of Farbauti and Laufey by Surt who becames king after them, the three brothers Loptr, Byleist and Helblindi fled to the South to Vanaheim and took the land for their own, for the Vanir had no ruler. But soon there was a quirrel between the brothers. Byleist killed Helblindi in secret, but as someone told Loptr, Loptr got angry and killed Byleist for this. Loptr became the only king of Vanaheim and took Celvana, the Mother of Dragons from the Old Valyria to his wife.
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Name: Rapunzel
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Likes: outside dreams
Dislikes: being locked in a Tower
Personality: sweet kind bubbly
Appearance: green eyes blonde hair
Bio: hi I'm rapunzel I have really long hair I live in a Tower dreaming to see the floating lights will you take me :)

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Name: Elsa
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Powers: Ice and snow
Likes: ice anna the color blue
Dislikes: Hans fire
Bio: only a act of true love can thaw a frozen heart

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name Celvana
family name Targaryen
age 18
position Queen of Vanaheim
powers rule the fire, speak with dragons, Seidhr (runes and form changing)
likes dragons, loyality, fire
dislikes Unfriendly humans, Unloyality, holding of slaves
appearence as in the pics. long silver-white hair, violet eyes, slender and pretty
persionality unpatient, clever, nice
Motto Don't trust anyone.
bio She was born in the Old Valyria, which lays east in the wide land of Essos. Her parents are King Aerys and Queen Rhaenys. Celvana got three dragons named Balerion, Vhagar and Meraxes. After the Fall of Chaos, King Loptr took her as wife.
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Hi! Before I make a profile I shall introduce you to my kingdom if you want:

It's name is Vanaheim. It lays beyond the sea Belegaer in the wide land of Essos. Our people have the magic called Seidhr. That means magic trough runes and the power of changing the form of yourself in all men or animals. Our language is called Vanish in the tongue of men of the east. The capital city of Vanaheim is Mereen. The rulers are Queen Celvana Targaryen and King Loptr Targaryen.

Ask for more information.
The first picture shows Loptr, the second and the third Celvana and the rest shows Vanaheim with Mereen and the shores of the Sea.
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Name: Celia Summers
Age: 18
Powers: None.
Position: Servant.
Likes: Freedom and friends.
Dislikes: Being a servant. (Although she's mostly okay with it)
Appearance: See pic.
Personality: Optimistic and hard working.
Bio: Her parents passed away, so to make a living she became a servant.
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