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PIA15255: A Dwarf Galaxy's Star Bar and Dusty Wing 
In combined data from ESA's Herschel and NASA's Spitzer telescopes, irregular distribution of dust in the Small Magellanic Cloud becomes clear. A stream of dust extends to left, known as the galaxy's 'wing,' and a bar of star formation appears to right.

Credit: ESA/NASA/JPL-Caltech/STScI

Publication Date: 1/10/2012


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Alcohol consumption is associated with smaller regional brain volumes that may be early indicators of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.
#Alzheimers #Dementia #Alcohol

Magnesium may reduce stiffness of arteries. This may be by blocking deposits of calcium in the walls of the blood vessels. Benefits were noted within 6 months. #magnesium4arterialhealth

Magnesium helps the body to adapt to the rhythms of night and day.
Researchers in the UK have identified that magnesium plays a significant role in both regulating our internal body clocks as well being required to help cells produce energy as rate of metabolism.
We have been recommending the use of magnesium for many years for women who experience distrubed sleep patterns. #magnesium

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This year will make 13 since my premature hysterectomy. Looking back, despite all the worry, it was a complete relief to be able to wear white trousers again.
I completely understand that you may be worried about everything from the operation itself to who's going to cook whilst you're recovering, so don't forget you can message me if you need to chat about things.

For anyone who's had a premature hysterectomy and worried about their bones, I was advised to get a bone density test done as soon as possible after the op (it's painless and done in seconds!). This was to establish a baseline and check that I was within the "normal" band for my age. Thereafter you can have check up tests done at regular intervals to monitor matters.
Speak to your GP or consultant.

#bonehealth #bonedensity

Just spoken to a woman who's booked into for a hysterectomy next week. The bit that is scaring her most about it is thinking she won't wake up from the anesthetic.Terrified to leave behind a lovely daughter and husband whom she adores and clearly think the world of her. I'm hoping just speaking to me about things helped a bit,  just being able to voice her fears to someone. Good luck Sue; I'll be thinking of you next Tuesday.
#fearofanethetics #hysterectomy #justtalktome  
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