Even though there's barely any posts, this place brought back some memories, man

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~My Undertale/main OC(dont steal)~
Full name: Pucca Pouch
Nickname: Pouccy
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Type: Monster
Power: Fuschia Blast
And having crush on Asriel Dreemurr​.(now)
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profile 1
Name: void
Gender: male
Age: 26
Power: acid like attacks
Species: Void basilisk

Profile 2
Name: Vixenia
Gender: male
Age: 23
Power: All water attacks
Species:Blue fox

Profile 3
Name: Unknown (she'll tell you if you dont ask)
Gender: Female
Age: 100 years old (she can still get killed, but you'll have to find out)
Power: All life and forest attacks(she basically controls the whole forest, even if its not a forest (swamp, jungle, etc. you name it)
Species: Forest spirit(forest spirit fox)

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hey, i got a question, maybe you should add a profile category instead of using discussion for the profile category.

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Power:'Bone attack.'

I never made an Undertale OC,I've only made a few FnaF OC's

I've never made a O.C. before so I will get to work in a bit

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Name: Silver
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Power: silver fire, slash, bite, Scan
Appearance: Pic 1

Name: Soul
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Power: Soul scan, soul breath, soul fire, Blue fire, Blue aura
Appearance: Pic 2

Name: Galaxy/Star
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Power: Galaxy breath, Heal, Galaxy Claws, Galaxy tail
Appearance: Pic 3

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