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Two months and no acknowledgement? Repost!
Delving-Mind (Delvin)
Hermaphrodite (masculine personality)
Likes: Discovery, Recording, experimentation, tinkering
Dislikes: Chaos, ignorence, aggression, destruction of creations
Clan: Covenant
Rank: Huragok-errant
Rider: none, close friend of Wi (doesn't mind company, so long as they are respectful of surroundings)
Bio: a rare Void Wyrm from "beyond the night", was sent here to catalogue and experiment on the REM's found on the world. Sent as his keeper and companion is the Huragok Wandering Engineer, or Wi, and an unhatched egg as his ward. He bears no ill will towards any in the community, but do not be aggressive towards him, do not harm Wi or the egg, and never, NEVER disrupt his experiments. His scales are hard, and his breath is as cold and unforgiving as space.

Relations: Wi, a Huragok sent to direct and keep company the inquisitive Wyrm, and an egg of another dragon placed in his care until it's hatching.

Pictured: Delvin the Void Wyrm, Wi the Huragok, and the Egg.
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Name: Moonbeam
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Likes: Flying, the moon, Star Clan
Dislikes: Black Clan
Clan: Light
Rank: (If leader, deputy or medicine dragon open)
Mate: OPEN
Rider: N/A
Bio: Unknown
Hatchlings: N/A

uh... im not extactly... a dragon... so uh...what do i fall under?

You probably saw this coming, can I be a httyd dragon?

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Antay lies wounded on a bed in the academy's infirmary after being attacked by a Slayer for trying to get a dragon out of his trap

Hi im new and just joined i would like it if sometime could give me a little advice. :3

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Poor soul trying to tame my dragon
Name: grim
Age: 283
Gender: male

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Sam walks through the forest looking around for something to hunt

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Name: Albania
Age: 16
Gender: female
Likes: dragons, art, and air bending
Dislikes: liars, cheaters, people who take sarcasm to far cause she is sarcastic herself
BF/mate: no one yet
Dragon: I'm looking! Hope I find the perfect one soon
Bio: ever since I was born my mother and father had dragons, they bred, sold, and raised dragons. At the age of twelve I began drawing the fantastic beasts I saw before me. I can also air bend

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Name: Eluria
Age: 18 human years
Gender: female
Likes: flying, and fighting
Dislikes: sore losers and tattle tales
Mate: no one yet
Rider: No one. But i have a nice and welcoming personality so I should be an easy catch and tame. Only sometimes I am a beast.
Bio: born and raised a loner with only me, my siblings, and parents. When we reached the age of 6 we split and went our separate ways
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