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I just found this T shirt on my newsfeed a while back.I don't know much about teespring T- shirt

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Australasian Superskips Daytona Night

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Mixed Bag of Fun! (Road) SamKatakouzinosRacing hosting two hour event (1:30m prac, 10m q, 20m race). Please join if ur interesetd.
Follow me on twitch at
Session name: Mixed Bag of Fun! (Road) SamKatakouzinosRacing
Private: no
Server: US-MA

Track: Okayama International Circuit
Configuration: Full Course
Night Lighting: N

Car: Mazda MX-5 Cup
Car: Ford Mustang FR500S
Car: Pontiac Solstice
Car: Skip Barber Formula 2000
Car: Cadillac CTS-V Racecar

Max Fuel Fill %: 100
Weight Penalty KG: 0.0
Weight Penalty LBS: 0
Fixed Setup: N
Maximum racers: 40
Tournament: no

Temperature: 78 °F
Wind Speed: N @ 2 MPH
Atmosphere: 55 RH, 0% Fog Cover
Skies: Partly Cloudy

Practice length: 90 minutes
Qualifier length: 4 laps OR 10 minutes
Race length: 20 minutes

Starting type: Rolling start
Num fast repairs: 3
Full course cautions: Off
1 class per car type: On
Restart type: Double file lapped inside
Hardcore level: Allow all driving aids
Restrict results: no
Incident limit: 15
Lucky dog: Off

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Aus/NZ Skip Barber Championship 2015 at Phillip Island Circuit. 
#968 An awesome race from 18th to 10th with lots of fun thrown in!
RRTV Video:
iRacing Results:
Personal highlight is the RRTV broadcast following me for 'A lap around Phillip Island'. Glad I didn't completely lose it at turn 2! 

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Here is a iRacing vid I made a while back now from some V8 Supercar action with my mate Frank.

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So who in this group is part of the Grand Am Thursday night racing? Exited for tonight?
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