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This community of mine is very similar, it's also more secure as well, more open to, I'm sure the mods of Baby Rp aren't really around anymore I think they've moved on in life and gave up on G+ or something, this community here has even more friendliness to it but you may not like that extra part which is okay you don't have to join or pay attention to it just be happy

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Here we see queer acting like kids

*is hiding under a bed sleeping*

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Would anyone like to adopt Meg, my sweet little gorgon?

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hi there would anyone like to adopt me I'm Bailey

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• {Q U O T E S} •
“I-I’m not a monster!”
“Don’t be afraid! I won’t hurt you.”
“Sometimes you just have to smile.”

Name: Megan Jade Medusu

Nickname/Title/Alias: Meg, Maggie

Age: 4 years old

Gender: Female

Species: Gorgon

Abilities: Like most gorgons, Meg has a stone stare. However, she wears a special pair of sunglasses to keep other safe.


Likes: Green, Jade jewerly, friendly people, her doll, scarves, snakes, books

Dislikes: Red, silver, mean people, bullies, losing her doll, short sleeves, running

Personality: Meg is probably the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. She is very much an introvert, and is most happy snuggled up with one her scarves. She loves it when people read to her.

Bio: Meg’s father, who raised her after her mother left them, tried to support the gorgon girl. However, he wasn’t able to make enough for both of them and had to give her to the orphanage. Meg has pretty much only known life at the orphanage.


Hair: Green snakes

Eyes: Red

Skin: Green and scaly


Selene sat in the park, reading an anchient-looking leather book. She had heard that the orphange children would be visting the park today, so she decided to come to see how they acted when there wasn’t someone there to adopt them. She was dressed in her normal Medieval style white dress. Selene glanced up from her book as she watched a bus pull up.

(Open rp)

Meg sat underneath a tree at the orphanage, flipping through a picture book. She hummed quietly to herself as she did so, smiling. “Meg!” She heard someone call. The young gorgon looked around, realizing one of the orphange workers was standing with another adult. The worker gestures for Meg to come there. She quickly stood up, closing her book and pulling her scarf up to her nose as she walked over to them.

(Open to any parents)

Cassidy sat in the garden of her adoptive father’s house, planting some lily bulbs. She picks up her shovel and begins walking around the garden, digging up weeds. She makes a stack of the weeds she digs up as she works, humming. “Gardening, gardening, gardening, making things grow is fun!” She sings.

(Closed to +Alan Walker)

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Name: Selene Diana Stellaluna
Age: She appears about 23, although her real age is closer to 460
Gender: Female
Race: Celestial Maiden
Personality: Selene is a kind, caring young woman. She can be a bit asocial at times, but most of the time she prefers being around others. She is very wise, and a take-no-nonsense kind of person.
Likes: Nighttime, the moon, magic, stargazing, old books, candlelight
Dislikes: Bright lights, loud noises, flirty men, daytime
bio: Selene is a Celestial Maiden, a daughter of one of the Heavenly Beings (The moon, sun, planets, and constellations). In her case, she is the daughter of the moon. Selene grew up in her mother’s palace in the sky, until she decided she wanted a little girl of her own to train. Since she is blessed to remain a maiden forever, and is unable to fall in love and infertile, she decided to adopt.
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