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Wanna share my seo blogportfolio.. please support it! thanks!

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Good afternoon folks... today's post is a step by step 'How to...' showing you how to set up an avatar (ickle wickle piccy wiccy) for successful blog commenting campaigns.

For those who don't know, blog commenting is a very powerful free traffic method if used properly and having an avatar is essential to successful blog commenting.

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*New Blog Post Now Live*

Do you wonder why you are not getting the results you want? Maybe you are spreading yourself out too thinly!

Trying to do everything right now often means you get nothing done ever!

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Ok guys, the latest post is now live, I thought I would put together a quick post about setting up your own take and use article directory on your site to help with your guest posting campaign.

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Recently we learned that Google was going to take a stance against bad guest blogging practices, Google do not object to people writing for other blogs but they do take a dim view of companies spamming the web with articles that are written in bulk and sent to every site possible in exchange for a link.

Today I discuss what you can do to protect your site from any future Google updates.

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That +Minion Leeman  gets everywhere. Why are Facebook groups such a great thing? Yes, I did just post that in Google+!! :-) The same thing can be said about Google+ communities...

Hi guys, any opinions on Interflora getting slapped by Google?

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Today's post has been published slightly early so our friend and author +Kapil Jekishan  could get to see it, and share it before he visits the land of nod down under in Sydney. :-) A big thanks for Kapil for writing a great post on Instagram.

More designed at brand building than SEO I guess but could still be useful in off site SEO.

I hope others get a lot of benefit and ideas from it and I ask nicely, please share folks :-)

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Sooooo folks, It's not exactly SEO based information but I am sure many of you are working from home so you might find our latest blog post to be fun and informative....

It has all been busy here what with the launch of a new Forex course, I haven't done a blog post for a few days but I have managed to get one finished and published today....

Some advice and ideas on how to work from home. I hope the group doesn't mind me sharing.

Enjoy :-)
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