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Google EDU Canada blog is writing a feature on Edmonton Public schools, since we were the first SD in Canada to use Chromebooks, and remain one of the largest and most prolific users of Chromebooks and G Suite for EDU.
I'm looking for feedback that may be included in the blog. The question:
*Are Chromebooks improving the learning in your classroom? How? What differences have you noticed? *

I will follow up if they select any of your quotes for the article. You can post quotes here, or email me directly.

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What are you using to book parents for interviews (student-lead conferences, etc)? Some schools have mentioned ($9/teacher/mo) or
Other suggestions.

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After a few years of sticking with essentially the same design, Google Calendar on the web is getting a makeover today. That means a fresh new color palette and a design in line with Google’s Material Design scheme, but also — and more importantly — a responsive layout that smartly adjusts your calendar to the size of your browser window.

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A great site for teachers (developed by a teacher) who are curious about using Google Drawing with their students

I am wondering if anyone can help with Bookflix online? I used to be able to play int through learn Alberta. However, now it is asking for a password and login. Is there a set one I can use? Thanks

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The Stable channel has been updated to 61. This build contains a number of bug fixes, security updates, and feature enhancements. EPSB enrolled Chromebooks will be receiving updates over the next several days.

Some highlights of these changes are:
New default profile avatar and picker
Improved window management support in tablet mode
New App launcher
Improved power management setting
Improved Get Help App
New Sign in and Lock Screen design

Please share: What software does your school use for setting up parent-teacher interviews? A small school is looking for recommendations and people to talk to about ease of use, etc.

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Thanks to the TIPS team for inviting +Colleen Chwedoruk, Consultant and myself to be a part of the last COP. While we shared a number of resources as alternatives to textbooks, I want to highlight the Online Reference Centre! If you are feeling overwhelmed with options, start there! They have done curriculum mapping for social studies and science from K-12 (except grade 12 social studies).

Our presentations are now properly linked in the agenda.

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Will's Classroom session is so full people are sitting under the smartboard +Tony Cannon, Teacher
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