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How to Make Money Online?

The most frequently asked question nowadays is: How to make money online for free?

From my personal experience in this field I can assure you that making money online is true and it's the same as any other job, requires efforts, specific tools, time and many other elements.

There is no fast or very easy way to earn money online, but it's achievable, you can make a full time income and be your own boss if you really want to do so.

In this post I will talk about the first two steps that anyone should take to start a successful online business that generatees revenue, and believe me or not (All the initial required tools are for free).

Most of us have tried many ways to make this dream come true and failed, because we were not that lucky to catch the right way and the right training at the right time from the right person as I did recently, I will be talking in details in my next posts about what I got and where I found this training.

Let's start with the correct steps to make a profitable online business:

Step 1: Choose an Interest (niche)

Step 2: Build Your Website for free

Step 3: Get rankings in search engines which leads to traffic

Step 4: Get extra revenue and make a full time income by following the correct steps.

One thing you need to realize:

You will be unable to make money online unless you have your own website, which you can create for free in a very easy simple way and in this site you will be talking about a niche from your choice.

So, the key is to have a good content which gives you a good traffic.

Once you have a good traffic you will have a good revenue as a result, and I don't mean that you need a huge number of people visiting your website on daily basis, while it could be a reasonable number of visitors.

At this point I don't want you to panic about the content or about choosing your niche, we will walk together step by step to show you how to choose your niche and how to build a good content within your website.

Step 1: Choose an a niche (Interest, Passion, Problem, Need)

The niche could be anything you want, and anything you can think about is a niche.

All of us have different kinds of interests, it might be sports, writing, reading, dieting, health, technology, movies, music and many many other things, all these things could be converted to be our niche and we can build our content on it.

In this case, writing a content about something you really like and you are passionate about, will be very interesting, funny, easy, creative and guess what? you can earn money from it and you can make your own free lifestyle with full time income which will help you to quit your job and this was the amazing part for me.

Step 2: Build Your Website for free

Making money online starts by creating your own website, it used to cost thousands of dollars before the revolution of the free websites builders, which now, allows you to make your own site without paying a penny.

There are lots of places where you can build your website for free and we will be talking about the most widespread sites where you can build your own business.

For an instance:

WordPress where i have started to build my very own website
In my next post we will walk through these sites and teach you how to use it and how to start your online business.

Step 3: Be visible and get rankings in search engines which leads to traffic

Traffic is the secret of success in the online business, get a reasonable number of visitors and get ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, etc... and start earning your extra revenue :)

How could I bring visitors to my website?

By writing a content includes ideas and opinions about your niche, it doesn't mean that your should be a very good writer or philosopher to write a good content, and if you choose a niche that you are interested in, it would be quite fun to create a good content.

If you can understand how to create content using the correct keywords, which we will talk about later, you will have a very successful online business.

Step 4: Get extra revenue and make a full time income by following the correct steps.

Once you have people following you, trusting your content and interesting in your ideas and opinions, then you can start promoting and selling them a related stuff to your niche, which are available online on Amazon for instance or in any other websites.

When people start buying the stuff you are promoting on your site you will start earning commission on every single purchase they do.

I will be talking in details about all these steps in my next posts to make it easy for you to start making money within your niche by having your very own websites which has a rank in the search engines

Please leave a comment below and let's share our thoughts and ideas, and if you have any question please don't hesitate to ask about anything.

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Do you know that some mobile Apps can make money for you by using them to upload your smart phone's photos and sell them to people over the world?

"Foap" is one of these apps that offering you a market place where you can show and sell your photos online for 10$ per photo, 5$ for you and 5$ for Foap.

Well, you are not going to make a million dollars from this app, but you can make a good extra revenue if you know how to take nice photos for anything you want.

The good news here that you can sell same photos over and over to many people thus you can sell from home and make money.

So what now? All what you want to do is to download Foap app from Google Play Store, register your free account up there, then start capturing your perfect photos of places, people or anything you want and upload them.

Your photos must be approved by Foap first and then it can be uploaded. Keep in mind that you need to look after what is selling, what is hot and what is trending, then go and take similar kind of pictures and upload them there.

Once it's done, make sure to update the capture, tags and answer the privacy question in order to get high ranked photos since this will facilitate the selling process and will make your photos more visible to people.

You can also participate in Foap Missions and get a chance to sell your photos to some of the world's largest brands, which will use the photos in their marketing campaigns. You will also have a chance to win a money (100$ or 200$) or item reward, as stated in each Mission's description.

Go ahead and start selling your photos and generate some extra revenue, it's fun and it has a lot of nice photos if you want to buy and use them wherever you want.

Once you have done, let me know your opinions in the comment and if you find it useful, so i can dig more and find you more interested apps that make money.

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