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Do It Please
❧ Q ▸ Are you single?
A ▸ Yes!

❧ Q ▸ Have you been cheated on?
A ▸No

❧ Q ▸ Any crush?
A ▸Duh

❧ Q ▸ Do you miss your last relationship?
A ▸Never been in one

❧ Q ▸ Who has your heart?
A ▸ Someone

❧ Q ▸ Are you the jealous type?
A ▸ Sometimes

❧ Q ▸ Would you take one of your exs back?
A ▸never had

❧ Q ▸ Last time you cried?
A ▸yesterday

❧ Q ▸ Favorite song?
A ▸Faded

❧ Q ▸ Eye color?
A ▸A range of Green to Grey (when my mood changes)

❧ Q ▸ Do you believe in love?

❧ Q ▸ Do you give second chances?
A ▸Not really

❧ Q ▸ Are you in love now?
A ▸Yes...

1. + Ethan Jodoin
2. + Essi Mackell
3. + Gabriel Ortmeier

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Here is decaf covfefe's Hunger Games edit! Vote away!

One +1= One vote
One positive comment= Two votes
One reshare= Three votes

A🔢 Age:13
B😨 Biggest Fear: needles
C🕐 Current time: 11:55
D:🍵 Drink you had last: water
E:😊 Easiest person to talk to: Sarah
F:🎥 Favorite movie: All
G:😷 Grossest memory: fell off a trampoline
H:🏠Hometown: Vegerville AB
I💞 In love with: a person
J😡Jealous of: no one
K🔪 Killed someone: maybe
L:🔐Longest relationship: never had
M👆Middle name: Irene
N🚼Number of siblings:7
O🌠 One wish: to be able to live out my dreams
P 📞 Person you last called: Sarah
Q❓ Question you're always asked: what's your name
R😊 Reason to smile: all the funny things
S🎶 Song last sang: Faded
T💤Time you woke up: 7:40 am
V Vacation destination: Ireland
W Worst habit: liking people for no reason
X: X rays you've had: none
Y: Your favorite food: food in general
Z: Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

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Thats gonna be interesting lol

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