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Community Guidelines

In order to make certain that this community remains a useful writing resource and not a place for writers to promote their works, I'm asking that everyone respect the following guidelines:

1: No links to poetry, fiction, short stories, and so on--this site is for resources, not for feedback and criticism. (There are many other groups dedicated for that on Google+.)

2: Keep on subject: This community is for the sharing of writing resources.

3: Pick & Choose your Blog Posts carefully--keep them in the spirit of the group, which is meant for sharing knowledge, hints, tips, and information about writing.

In short, unless your post is specifically meant to give writers a tool on improving their craft, it doesn't belong here.

If you're interested in helping to moderate this community, please contact me!

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Want to learn how to include reading into your day? Check out these tips:

How to Read Every Day for Busy Writers and Why You Should - Learn how to read every day in this article about using short, timed reading sessions, to increase your daily reading.

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Writing myths are funny, but often completely unhelpful. Here are 12 that you need to stop believing.

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Hi everyone,

This post is for anyone who's ever wondered what separates your plot from your narrative arc, or why a narrative arc is so important. Or why Harry Potter's falling action stage made all the difference to the book's ending?

Anyway, you can find all the answers inside, and more :) If you've got any experiences or troubles regarding your story arc, please do share! It would be great to get your thoughts, as always.

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Earlier this year I put together a spreadsheet to help writers track their word count output per writing session. The idea came about partially because of Camp Nanowrimo and trying to find a way to see how much needed to be written on any given day to reach the target for the month. This included visuals through charts to show progress etc.

I've made a few updates since, primarily making it possible to track multiple months in one spreadsheet but retain separate month goals.

The spreadsheet is free to download but I'd love any feedback you may have, good or bad. Currently requires MS Excel or a current version of Libre office. OpenOffice and Google Sheets partially works. 

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A thought I had recently. A lot of the time writers will be reluctant to take on the self-published title, because they feel it closes the door to traditional publishing opportunities. On the contrary; success as a self-made author often opens those doors.

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Here are five ways we are killing our creativity that we should look to avoid.

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Hope this is ok to post in this group. This is a resource I made for everyone who's confused about the difference between developmental editors, copy editors, and proofreaders. (As I was, in the beginning!) Each editor is critical for a different stage of the book, and it's super important to know which services you need at every stage :)

Anyway, I hope it proves useful for everyone. If you've got any experiences to share about editors you've worked with, please do!
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