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Community Guidelines

In order to make certain that this community remains a useful writing resource and not a place for writers to promote their works, I'm asking that everyone respect the following guidelines:

1: No links to poetry, fiction, short stories, and so on--this site is for resources, not for feedback and criticism. (There are many other groups dedicated for that on Google+.)

2: Keep on subject: This community is for the sharing of writing resources.

3: Pick & Choose your Blog Posts carefully--keep them in the spirit of the group, which is meant for sharing knowledge, hints, tips, and information about writing.

In short, unless your post is specifically meant to give writers a tool on improving their craft, it doesn't belong here.

If you're interested in helping to moderate this community, please contact me!

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Do you treat your characters like imaginary friends and talk to them? Hey, whatever works for you!

Read our newest blog post for a list of exercises that will help you create realistic, compelling characters. #writingtips #characterdevelopment

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If you haven't come across Trope Talk on your own yet, then you REALLY need to check this show out. Entertaining, and filled with insight, it will provide you with some perspective on common tropes we all know, but don't always think about before we put them to use.

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Hi everyone! Hope you're all flowing with that next best book...
Writing can be tedious or treasurous but this is highly dependent on us learning how to use our words appropriately. As this post suggest, the essence of writing should be embedded around nouns and verbs. But why is this even essential when the other affirmations also embellish our story with strong emblematic qualities? The answer is simply because nouns provides information and verbs puts action into motion. Information and action is what makes a great story; it is what keeps writers from those static encounters, and leaves readers wanting more even after turning that last page.

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Is Scrivener any good?
Scrivener has changed the way I write. The learning curve is a little steep and it isn’t a magical fix for writer’s block nor is it a fairy who will finish your novel overnight (wouldn’t that be great?), but Scrivener DOES have some brilliant features to make the writer’s job a little easier.

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Many authors don't realise it, but all their hard work writing a 100,000 word novel, spending $$$ on design and marketing, is being undermined by a very basic problem...

...shoddy sentence structure.

Best advice for successful self promotion?

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Sometimes we encounter a big conflict between scene and summary; a pause that sometimes command abrupt decision on whether or not a passage sounds better coming directly from our character's mouth or us the narrator. This is where nouns and verbs are called to service and can impact tremendously how they're paraded on the battlefield, but we don't have to lessen the sharpness, boldness or loudness of the echo if we're able to choose wisely how, where and when to use the Passive voice.
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