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Name Kai: senju
Age: 13
Pokemons: Sceptile Mega Evolve X,Pikachu,Charizard Mega Evolve x and Greninja
Water shuriken,water pulse,double team and water blade
Leaf Blade,Leaf storm,X scissors and Mega drain
Thunderbolt,Thunder,Quick Attack and Electro Ball
Flamethrower,Inferno,Flare Blitz and Fly

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Name: Celeste
Gender: female
Age: 12
Pokémon: delphox flareon espeon vapereon leafeon and umbreon
Bio: a Pokémon trainer who has a umbreon and espeon and vapereon who don't like to go in their pokeballs
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Quote:"there is only one trainer I want to beat and that's red"

Name: itachi

Age: 14

Personality: brave and joyful

Bio: the near undefeated champion of Kalos but gave up the title to defeat the champion trainer from kanto known as red. In order to pursue their dreams they somehow managed too convince their mother and father to move to a new region by the name of Tonos. Not much is known about their parents other that their father is a gym leader who used to be at unova then moved to Tonos and became the fire type gym leader.

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I might make a trainer profile and of course its going to be the same ex kalos champion trainer
Name: charmander
Moves: scratch ember smoke screen and growl
Trainer: ??? (Unless someone wants to be the trainer doubt it)

i send out my sceptile Pelipper ludicolo and swellow they start training and my glaceon and pikachu go to train they start having a 3vs3 Pokémon battle the team was glaceon pikachu and sceptile vs Pelipper swellow and ludicolo

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Quotes " beyond evolution mega evolution"
Name: Xavier
Pokémon: sceptile Pikachu glaceon Pelipper swellow and ludicolo
Likes: dressing as a Pikachu and battling
Dislikes: team rocket
Partner: none yet
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U can't post in the tournament area until u have a partner u can have unlimited profiles

i was in the cafeteria getting some food and my glaceon and Pikachu were next to me I give them some food

+Xavier Esquivel you know my OC right? every community you make my oc will already be in
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