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Hey guys! The owner here. Ya know +KittyKatChloe except this is my alt account, annnnd I have to wait to promote this account to owner. Silence Aaaaanyways I'm going to clarify what this community is going to become. This community is going to become a YouTube Fanbase. I'm a YouTuber and it's hard to find other Youtubers who share the same interests as me, so I'm turning this Into a YouTube fanbase. Where people can Safely find new people to chat with and maybe even collaborate with, and even if you are not a YouTuber you are free to post any opinion or video of a YouTuber as long as it's in a proper category. If you do not want this please leave because this place needs a change and I'm doing this for the better. Thank you all for your understanding and please, stay... Purrrfect Bye <3

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My name is mentioned! I suggested the god swords mod!

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I love how people are raiding this community when it was never meant to be sexy shit.

You think it bothers me that your spamming but it doesn't.
It just tells me that's the only thing you can do in life. Spam to make it stop.

This community was supposed to be a normal furry/Neko/Human community but it just turned sexy.

And I'm not doing shit because ITS FUCKING 2:03 IN THE DAMN MORNING! IM ON MY GOD DAMN PHONE! I'm minding my own business reading on my phone and my notifications are just blowing up.

So do me a favor and take your shit elsewhere cause I'm tired of it.

This is the farthest I've ever gotten in a community and I don't want that stopping now.

Now if you will excuse me I'm going to sleep!

It's truly sad to see how much people can mindlessly hate each other like this. People forcing there own beliefs onto other people who, as far as I know, did physically and mentally did nothing to them.

Because I have seen many of these so called "Raids" and would much like to understand the pure motives behind them. So, if anyone is willing to have civilized conversation with me so that I can better understand where you guys are coming from I would be glad to listen.

So uhhh

Not really sure what's gonna become of this place...

Thank you! I will start kick people that posted hentai tomorrow because I got some work to do ;(

Ugh, This is fucking annoying. Can people who have different things they enjoy to do on this site not do them anymore? This is a social platform for people to enjoy but what I see is people getting bright ideas to try and teach people "lessons" to follow google plus rules and guidelines when they themselves are not making things any better. If it was really a problem with google, they would do something, but this is just obnoxious seeing one of my communities that I am a member being screwed with and making them look absolutely ridiculous. I've almost had it with bullshit like this

uhhh why did I get banned?
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