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Hello fellow Local guides! I'm currently at level 6, may I just ask, what are perks? What level must I be at in order to have them?

Anyone here from Antipolo City?

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Never Skip any opportunity unless you try it once :Click Here:

Hi everyone :D just hit level 6 omw to 7

Nice to finally meet Philippine Local Guides

Level 6 Local Guide - Usually around Metro Manila

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Hello everyone! I'm Abby from Davao Local Guides. Comment below if you want me to follow you on social!

Level 6
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Hello, fellow Local Guides!

I see things have been quiet here, but I'd like everyone to know that the global Local Guides Connect community is organizing a World Wide Photo Walk Meet-Up this coming February 24 to 25. Contributors around the world are encouraged to showcase the beauty of their cities, and I think this is the perfect opportunity to introduce modern Philippines with Bonifacio Global City!

This meet up is mainly a photo walk. We will walk down Bonifacio High Street from Fully Booked to The Tree in Burgos Circle, but the route is not going to be strictly a straight line... we can go in whichever direction! The aim is to show how the success of BGC is the Filipinos's potential-- skyscrapers with a mix of greenery, and art EVERYWHERE, from modern sculptures to murals big and small. We hope to come across the #CatsofBGC as well!

I have scheduled the meet up on Saturday, 24 February, from 8AM to 10AM, so we can avoid the heat and still have time for gala afterwards.

Hope to see you there!

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