Fuck the AFC. Every fucking year your stupid asses get man handle by the Patriots. Every year the sports analysis say the steelers, chiefs, Jets, Broncos, Raiders, (fill in a team here) have a chance of going to the super bowl. I never believe them because I know they're speaking out of their ass because they themselves don't believe it.

For as long as Brady is playing your AFC division is a joke. You're just there to go through the motions of giving Patriots a win. Because of your lack of skill you anointed Tom Brady as the greatest QB of all time and Belichik as the greatest coach of all time. For this one day on Sunday I will switch my loyalty to the Falcon to cheer for them in hope they give the GOAT a third Super Bowl lost and prevent a commanding 5th ring. Fuck the AFC.

I am quite happy. I hope it was us but any team will do as long as the Seattle gets destroyed.

I am glad I decided to take my son to see Santa and wait in that dreadfully long line then to watch this joke of a game.

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Any questions?


Wow we are winning? Well nothing to get excited over since the season is over.

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Fly it loud and fly it proud! This guy is a hero to the fans.

It was a good NFL Sunday. We are still in the running for the number 1 pick. But most importantly, Seahawks and Cowboys lost.

2nd half curse strikes again! The 49ers seem to want to lose.

here we go leading only by 3 , can't shake the halftime curse.
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