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Scariest Horror Video Ever (WARNING!!! DON'T WATCH ALONE) - Most Haunted Office Building ever... the Original creepy pasta story you never heard off

Name: Michael
Gender: Male
Age: 19, I think
Race: Human
Height: 6'0"
Pasta name: Slasher

Weapons: A simple, but effective kitchen knife

Likes: Blood, the color Navy Blue, and sushi
Dislikes: affection, the color yellow, and sunlight

Flaw: caring about victims for a time

Weakness: little sister and older brother (both dead)

Bio: had an abusive father who killed my mother and baby sister, severely injured my older brother and tried to kill me, woke up in the hospital with my brother next to me, he died, but I lived, I feel like their deaths were my fault. Left the hospital early and killed my douchebag of a father and have been living in different houses the past 3 years.

Status: killer and new guy

Personality: Nice to be around unless angry or killing. Hates the word "love" because of my first and only girlfriend I had before everything with my dad. Will do anything to protect the other proxies and will do anything for Slenderman. Has acute anxiety and anger issues.

Appearance: 6'5", blonde, scars all over his body and a large patch of skin missing from where his heart should be, has one blue eye and one green (originally belonging to his brother)

Quotes: "Do I look like I care?" And "Piss off"

(Just look at my profile pic to know what my OC character looks like)

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/the beautiful female mime felt bored as she lean in the wall in The dark as she had Nothing to do.she smiles to herself giggling /

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This is what happened when I searched the word "nightmare" under "places" on Facebook after an anonymous tip. As of now, I'm guessing that this is just a mass emailing virus. Still, it's pretty creepy. If any of you have had similar emails, or messages, please let me know.

Hey everyone.. im making a Creepypasta Comic called Insane Land and I need 3 more boy voice actors for Jeff the killer, Lookskill, and Aiden if u wanna try out please gmail me at please and thx u :)

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Share please!
Calling all creepypastas, 2 girls atemted to kill their best friend and blamed creepypasta for what they did.

Her parents want justice and the government is wanting to shut it down..

This is not right.
Who is with me to stop this?

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Drew this a while ago not sure if i should finish it

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