Wow....I haven't made a post here for a while!

But here's a little update.

I came out......which leads to issues at my high school...........people avoid me and say things behind my back and can't really trust anyone and most of the time I'm sucks......but it's a way of getting out of issues I can't solve........

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                                         NEVER be bullied into silence 
                                 NEVER allow yourself to be made a victim 
                                 accept no one's DEFINITION of your life
                                                DEFINE YOURSELF
                                                ~Harvey Fierstein~

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You are SOOOO amazing for just being you. You don't need anyone to tell you that you are not normal cause neither are they. No one is. You were not born to got in. You were born to stand out. And that is what you are gonna do.

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When I feel down I go to youtube and watch +Markiplier​ he really does help because it makes me lol and makes me know I am not alone , and now I know that being weird is a good thing '-'

Also cute puppy
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i get bullied... and i sit on a bench when we go outside... alone...

I am recently getting bullied by my "Bff" with her new friends. I've told my family about it and they are tring to help but she has been talking to my crush #ohno ; (

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Hi! My name is Madison but ya can call me Maddie or Bubba! Im 13 and lesbian and very outgoing! Im not afraid to speak my mind! I am a stem
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