If you want something funny to read then this book is for you 38 stories of my life as a child: Review and preview (GET YOURS TODAY!). It's an Autobiography and memoir of my life as a kid- This 📓 is hilarious, it’s about my childhood and all the things I’ve done to my mother as a kid. It is nothing but laughter. ( YOU WILL NOT BE 😞 THERE ARE 38 STORIES IN THIS 📓 AND IT’S WORTH IT ALL!) The link for the eBook and paperback is right here. -Ebook - paperback

If you want something that is nothing but photos and involves no reading then Nothing but photography picture (40+ pages of nothing to read but photos) is a great book for you! There is nothing but pictures and different seasons and sceneries and places in the book. It's full of nature, landscapes and just random photography. Link is below. - eBook

If you are interested in fantasy fiction then this book is the right book for you! Powerful Freaks is a 📓 about a kid who is in highschool and has powers and ends up in jail and does not know if he is going to get out or not. There are so many different creatures and powers that are used in this book that it keeps you on your toes.

Are you interested in objects telling a story about it's life and what happened to it? Are you interested in something that talks and tells it's story and can give you imagery of where it is and how it looks? Story of the Underwood Typewriter tells a story of it’s life and what happens to it. and is the right book for you! The typewriter gets passed down from a grandmother to granddaughter. - eBook

Are you interested in mysteries with a plot twist and you do not know what is going to happen? Are you interested in detective mysteries that you are unsure what is going to happen next and then you are on your toes? Then The Mystery of Egar Cartell is a book for you! It's a mix of mobsters and moonshiners and it gets really twisted. Mystery of Egar Cartell tells who killed the character Egar Cartell and you won’t believe who did it! -eBook - paperback

Are you interested in a book full of poems to make you feel? Are you into feelings of someone else's being spreaded across paper? Then Poems Written Through Poetic Eyes is the book for you! It's nothing but poems. - eBook & Paperback link

Are you a new mom who feels like giving up? Are you hitting your postpartum depression mark? Do you need encouragement and confidence then this is the book for you! Postpartum Depression is confidence and help along with feelings - eBook

38 stories of my life as a child: Review and preview (GET YOURS TODAY!)

Do you need something else to read? Something that is hilariously funny that will make you laugh with tears throughout the whole book? Then this is the book for you! This book is a memoir and an autobiography which has 38 stories and is nothing but laughter and humor. It tells all about me as a kid and all the funny and hilarious things that I have done to my mom and how I got hurt and half the scars. Here is preview of the book along with links where you can get it enjoy! -Ebook - paperback


When I was little I was the Tasmanian Devil or what my mom calls me the devil’s child. I have done a lot of things when I was little. I caused a lot of headache and most of my scars came from my childhood. I was a curious baby and done almost anything I could not to be still. The house I lived in was my first house. The apartment mom and dad lived in I probably lived in for a couple weeks to a month but this was when I was first born. They felt like there wasn’t much room there so they moved here and this is where all the things that I’ve done or that has happened, happened here.


The 🏠 was still. I was about 3 years old. My mother just got off work. She worked 3rd shift at walmart. Mom comes home and plays with me like she always did. I must of got tired and so I lay down on the living room floor trying to take a nap. She lays down on the floor and she falls asleep beside me. I wake up and I tapped her she was sleeping. I got still didn’t know what to do and then suddenly I hear something calling my name. I went to the trash can and pulled trash out of it. I put it around her. I go in the kitchen and got into the cabinet where the kool aid packets was. I pull the green one out and put water in a cup. I open the green kool aid packet and poured it on her hair. I then grabbed the water and poured it on her hair. After I was done with her hair. I went to the trash can and grabbed a dish detergent bottle and put it in her mouth. She woke up freaking out. I thought It was pretty funny. I could feel her madness. She picks up the trash and walk to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and she freaks out. She takes a shower trying to wash it out but it didn’t work. She calls my dad and tells him he better come get me. He got off work and came and watched me. She had to go back to work anyways.

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Finally available to the public..Also now available on Amazon! 
Pain Behind the Mask
Authored by Chrissy McManis, Edited by Michelle Reeder
Cover design or artwork by Sarah Messina
Pain Behind the Mask is a fictional novel that revolves around a seventeen year old girl that is struggling through mental illness and pain. She hides behind the pain in order to please the others around her; pretending to be okay when nothing is as it seems. In this novel you will imagine the impossible, as well as scenario’s that have actually happened in the real life. While reading Kate’s journey you will experience the emotions of love, pain, suffering and hope and it will keep your interest all the way to the books conclusion.
6" x 9" 
Black & White on White paper
288 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1517198091 
ISBN-10: 1517198097 
BISAC: Fiction / Psychological

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Just some of the things my friend and father of my children and I have been working on. +Travis Breidenbach​ 
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