Since the Mac version have been updated for bug fixes, any idea when the next one is for new games?

There are some games from the Windows version I like to see added to the Mac Version if you don't by support or make a another post here?

Does Doublet Cell go under Addition type or FreeCell type?

When you guys get around to doing the next update for the Mac version of PGS many new games do you plan to add? That 100 new games update was a good way to catch up and would be nice to do that again if possible.

Hi Thomas,

A few years I had suggested these two following games: Chinese Solitaire

And... Chinese Torture:

is it possible for you to add them to the next upcoming windows version if its not too late to include with the other new games? If it is too late, you can hold onto them for the next version after this upcoming one.

I gave you the links just in case you need them again.

Don't remember if I asked Suit Yourself considered to be a variation of Dial?

Guess I'm staying with the Mac. I am thinking of purchasing (when I get a visa gift card eventually) Pretty Good Mahjong on my Mac someday. I'm normally only into the tile matching games more and not really into those original games and the puzzle games (although, I might play some of the puzzle ones). I don't have to play the original games if I don't want to, right?

I had played Salic Law and its pretty good to play.

Its one of the Faerie Queen type games. Do you guys plan on making the other Faerie Queen type game such as Faerie Queen itself, Good Queen Bess (same as Faerie Queen except group moving is allowed), Glencoe, Intrigue, and Laggard Lady? They are all on (including Salic Law) SolSuite.

Just in case you didn't see my comment on the blog last night.....checked out the rules for the new games in the rule page section on the website. Only Yorktown and Yukon Twice is not on there.

Knitting Pairs is in the 1 deck type category list...should that game have been in the Addition type category list? Since it is an addition type game.

I don't remember if I asked this before....what type category does Neptune, Shuffle and Triton goes to? What is the game play for Triton?

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