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Mine and my brothers best and favorite card with a world champion mew
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I have like 500 more pokemon
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I traded a Mewtwo gx full art for a new ex which has the moves replace and versatile was that a good trade tell me in the comments

NEW Deck Profile!
Covering the TOP 64 finish of Zach Zamora piloting Rogue Deck featuring Alolan Exeggutor! This became the most talked about deck coming out from the event! Come join me as we look at the deck and what it has to offer! Enjoy!

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NEW Pokemon TCG Online Deck Profle!
Today we cover Dusk Mane Necrozma GX paired with Zoroark GX. But we need something that Dusk Mane can take advantage of. Enter Beast Ring! Ultra Beasts have taken over the format! Enjoy!

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NEW Lucario GX Deck Profile with Zoroark GX.
The thing is we have to throw some Forbidden Light in there!
Enter Diancie Prism Star!
Come check out a slightly different take on this popular deck!

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Just went live with a brand new deck profile video covering Buzzwole GX and all the new cards from Forbidden Light that give this deck a greater boost! Come check it out and share thoughts on changes you'd do with the deck! Enjoy!

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NEW Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Deck Profile!
Today we take a look at Zygarde GX from Forbidden Light!
This deck is so special because it lets the player use Zygardes GX attack over and over! Come check out this basic deck list to inspire you to build your own! Enjoy!

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NEW Pokemon TCG Online video is LIVE!
We take a look at Greninja GX and pair it with the widely popular Zoroark GX! Come check out some of the newest cards out of Forbidden Light! Enjoy!
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