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Bladecoder Adventure Engine has been updated to 1.3.3


Added 'textStyle' attribute to character actors.
Added basic QA rules/metrics of project.
EDITOR: Understand SNAPSHOT versions when checking for updating versions.
Actor 'tint' property are now used to draw inventory actors when dragged.
Catch back key in android.
Added load chapter option to the debug screen.
Fix not showing saved games in tests folder.
Fix error removing all items from inventory in 'DropItem' action.
Fix error creating screenshots for savedgames in Mac.
Fix crash when screenshot of a savegame doesn't exists.

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AGS 3.4.1 RC1 released today.

Changes since Beta 7:

- Removed "this is beta!" warning.
- Added missing OpenGL driver selection to Default Setup.
- Fixed crash when importing old games which have extended editor version string saved in the project files.

- Implemented vertical sync for OpenGL renderer.
- Actually fixed audio volume drop when new music starts playing during voice-over.
- Fixed speech portrait was displayed below GUI, contrary to speech text (thanks to eri0o for the tip).
- Properly toggle console upon play.debug_mode variable change in script.
- Fixed Speech.SkipStyle getter did not return correct value if it is set to eSkipTime.
- Disabled the use of the global AGS games config on Windows, by request.
- Fixed ShakeScreen command was causing graphic artifacts when game is run with software renderer.

* Updated the Manual.

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Would you like to see a Zak McKracken Special Edition with voice acting?
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Happy either way
Yes, but no voice acting
No Special Edition, but add voice acting

KICKSTARTER - ENDS November 15th 2017
Shakes and Fidget - The adventure
Goal: $290,224

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KICKSTARTER - ENDS November 22nd 2017
K'NOSSOS - Sci Fi Adventure
Goal: $10,502

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Bladecoder Engine 1.3.2 released - Adventure Game Editor for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.


Added Google Play expansion file support.
Added 64 and 32 bit support when generating package for windows. Previously only 64 bits was supported.
Bigger edit toolbar icons.
Create initial scene in new projects.
Fix: Recorder not recording dialog options.
Add target scene to DropItemAction and mark RemoveInventoryItem action deprecated.
Updated to libgdx v1.9.7.
EDITOR: Fix testing not working with scenes with spaces in ID
EDITOR: Fix nullpointer error when disabled imagen not exists.
EDITOR: Fix bug when undo bbox points.

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