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73 de Vlad F4FNA

Hello community,
I'm writing here just to promote a tool that I'm coding in my spare time. It's named rig-remote ( and it leverages rigctl protocol to provide some interesting feature I found missing in the SDR software I use (bookmarking, scanning and so on).

While the tool is at his early stages so it's still "beta quality" I would like to ask if somebody can give it a try and ping me back issues, bugs and improvement ideas.

We have a mailing list too at!forum/rig-remote.
If you think that this tool may be useful, join the ML and help us driving the evolution of this software.
Any feedback is more than appreciated!

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The amateur radio community socialhams is searching for programmers to get involved in the development process!
Have a look at or leave a message at if you are interessted!

vy 73!

ARDOP TNC, the previously mentioned VB.NET to C# conversion project, is not yet completely converted, but the development version has been undergoing alpha testing for the last few months. KN6KB and I are quite pleased with the performance of the new application and invite anyone that wishes to help test it to join the ardop_users Yahoo group to gain access to the software.

Working on a major project converting a VB.NET application to C#, and it's giving me a major headache. Not complaining, exactly, but why do the online code conversion tools seem to insist on adding references you don't need?

For anyone that enjoys working towards QRP awards...

I categorized this post under "Python" because the web app was developed in Django, one of many python web frameworks.

Let me throw a post on here and knock the dust off this community a bit :-)

As far as coding I've been maintaining the stable version of the HAMjitsu web application ( Only problems I have is that the telnet connection to RBN gets dropped once in a while, probably when RBN does maintenance on their own servers. I think my next order of business is to add a reconnection script.

I've been playing around with the idea of deploying a Desktop version of HAMjitsu, although the main requirement is for it to be multi-platform. I'm leaning more towards a command-line utility, and simply redirect the native string to stdout after running it through all the filters. Lots to think about on that one.

Lately I've been using my spare time (which amounts to the last hour before I succumb to work and parent induced exhaustion) to learn about network security. Played around with BackTrack 5 in VirtualBox on my Mac for about a week, then installed Kali Linux on a spare laptop. Lots to stuff :-)

What have y'all been up to?


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So here comes the Raspberry Pi, doing some real ham radio work: Watching and filtering the Reverse Beacon Network.

Been doing some heavy hardware tinkering lately. I'm creating what is currently a bunch of different boards that will hopefully one day be a QRPshield transceiver for the Arduino.

OR....I could save myself the time and just get the one Ten-Tec just released at FDIM, check it out:
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