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Exploring art and science using microscopy, this is an on going project that I am doing, for anyone who might be interested in taking a peek.

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Using visual counter app to get estimate of swallow flock population. @ 1012 individuals. If the weigh 1 ounce each the flock is 64 pounds . If they eat 1.5 body weight in mosquitos they are consuming 95 pounds a day. That means if a mosquito weights 2.5 mg then the flock is eating @ 2,693,204.mosquitos a day . 

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This is a easy project . Count the number of Horseshoe Crab molts (empty shells) during molting season (usually first 2 weeks of september) to keep track of the population .This has been done for 3 years so far.The last 2 years with the counting zones being firmed up. 
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We all know that science is broken. Here's something that might fix it.

BiotechLikemind is a new online community that allows scientists, business professionals and science lovers to post their ideas and nurture them into real products and businesses. 

Anyone interested in science can join for free here:

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If you want to join in the exploration of a new artificial chemistry universe, then you're welcome! This is a collection of scripts and experiments with chemlambda.
Everything new happens at the branch
- the demos page
- the moves and explanations, references
- the vision page

I use all the time my open notebook for more explanations and details.

Older gallery of examples, explanations and dowloads from the page

See also my channel for short videos about chemlambda

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Are bio-computers science fiction or science fact?

In 2014, scientists created two new DNA letters, X and Y, and included them in an extra DNA sequence that they inserted into E coli cells. The E coli cells were able to copy the synthetic DNA. This means that the DNA copying mechanisms in a living creature can handle the new synthetic DNA letters.

So now scientists can start designing new genes that can be copied inside cells. The next step is to get the cells to make them into new proteins. Then perhaps the cells can be used as antibody or vaccine factories. 

Or, maybe one day even be turned into biological computers.

More here:

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Sometime early next year, Ocean Sanctuaries is planning to offer an opportunity for San Diego divers to contribute to a citizen science survey of the abundant marine life that has accumulated on the Canadian destroyer 'Yukon' since its sinking off the coast of San Diego to be an artificial reef in 2000. Watch this space for updates.

A researcher is conducting research about running citizen science projects--if you've been involved with managing one, please fill out her short questionnaire--it only takes about 10 mins:

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Make your own electromagnetic launcher that uses magnetic fields to launch an aluminum disk.

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Detect gammas rays with your smart phone!
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