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((Bah! I'm trying to get on all my communities and do at least one post. Then I get to here and... I'm sorry. My last post here was at least a year ago. I apologize. But enough sentimental stuff, let's get into the post!))
Eric sighed, and looked around. He knew the Brooklyn House was packed but... Dang. It felt so empty. Nothing was really happening. No giant monsters threatening to tear the place apart, either. What's wrong? Well, I guess I'd better try and do something about it. Eric took a deep breath before he walked into the room.


Path. Sobek

Personality. Dark ,dosnt talk much and shy

Name: Zuriah D'Aria
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Path: Anubis
Personality : I am kind of shy at first, but when you get to know me, I am very sarcastic and kind of dark.
Appearance: I am kind of pale with brownish - black eyes and black hair with green, red and blue color streaks. I have a cartilage piercing in my right ear and snake bites.
Clothes: I usually wear black jeans, a T shirt, black high top Converse and a hoodie if it's cold.
Likes: Reading, writing, drawing, music.
Dislikes: Being in groups with a lot of people, sudden displays of affection (i.e if you just run up and hug me).
Strengths: martial arts, hand to hand combat, weapons.
Weaknesses: I can't fight more than 2 people at once, I get distracted easily, If something is off, I have to fix it.
Weapons: Knife, Sword, Kamas, Sais.
Powers: Necromany.
Friends: None yet.

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Name: Ani Nightshade
Age: 14
Path: Combat (or Necromancer either one)
Personality: Loves a fight, will gladly kick your butt in a real battle. Is very loyal to the magicians. Her family was killed by demons, and she traveled to the 21st Nome all by herself. She uses shadow magic in combat.
Likes: Fighting, kittens, proving people wrong, her computer (word of warning: don't touch her computer)
Dislikes: Doing chores, demons
Strengths: Combat, stakeouts, and jumpscares
Weaknesses: She loves kittens, put one in front of her and she will pet it forever
Powers: bends shadows and can create illusions
Weapon: spear/sword
God: Kuk, personification of the primordial darkness

Name: Isabel
Nickname (optional): Izzy
Age: 13 1/2
Gender: Female
Path: No idea...
Personality: A fun, impulsive girl, usually happy, but sometimes gets really stressed out when things don't go as planned... Is really bold and has a little OCD. 
Hair: Medium length, dark brown, usually worn in one braid down her back. 
Eyes: grayish-brown in color with long lashes. 
Skin: an olive tone.  
Clothes (optional): Usually wears a bright T-shirt with knee length shorts with a belt and a charm bracelet with magical weapons on it. 
Likes: People who would jump of a cliff for her. Chocolate.
Dislikes: Untrustworthy people. Bunnies. 
Strengths: Is not afraid of mostly anything. 
Weaknesses: Will do a lot for people she is very fond of. 
Powers: No idea...
Weapon(s): 3 daggers on her belt. 
Family (optional): An older brother. 
Friends: None... yet!
Romantic interest(s) (optional): None

Path is unknown(He is trying to find out...)
Geek, Athletic, and has a short temper
Black line hair cut
Champion running shoes
Pale skin
Books, soccer, British people(:)), etc.
He's good with swords and daggers, and stealth
He isn't good with a bow.
No powers, yet...
Sword, knife, and staff
Family from U.K. but there names were lost when he was attacked before coming here.
None so far.


Eric sits down in the Great Room, trying to think.

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((Her personality is kinda like Sadie's, because I just love Sadie's personality so much. So here's my profile. Sorry if it's really bad and about anything I did that's not allowed or any mistakes I made.))

NAME - Wait..... What's the name again?
It's Bridget, idiot.
Oh yeah! Right, right...... So..... What about the other parts.....
Bridget Alexandria Montgomery. After the old capital of Egypt during the time of the-
Yes, yes, blah blah blah. Very interesting facts, please continue on with the profile. Her full name is Bridget Alexandria Montgomery.
NICKNAME - Anything will do really. Alex, Alexa, etc. etc.
Everything except Bridge. If I were you, I wouldn't call me Bridge, unless you wanted to get turned into a shrub.
AGE - Uh.... 15? Yeah! That's it. 15
BIRTHDAY - September 16, 1999. The worst day of my parents lives.
GENDER - Female. Ya don't say?
PATH - Geb. The earth guy or whatever.
PERSONALITY - Very sarcastic as you may be able to tell.
Sarcasm is allowed and greatly encouraged.
She's not afraid to be loud and doesn't care what people think. She loves to stand out and be crazy. She acts before she can think, and is not the smartest. She is also very rebellious. Bridget gets distracted easily and procrastinates too much.
BIOGRAPHY - Maybe I'll tell you one day when I get to know you better.....
APPEARANCE - I'm tall, aren't I?
HAIR - Bridget has an ombré/mixture of reddish, brown, and blonde wavy short hair.
Its pretty cute, isn't it?
EYES - Her eyes are gunmetal blue.
What exactly is gunmetal blue...?
I don't know, maybe THE COLOR OF YOUR EYES.
SKIN - Her white skin is sometimes tan, sometimes pale.
Gee... Thanks for mentioning I become pale quickly and easily....
CLOTHES - Just normal teenage girl clothes. Well duh. Isn't that what like all teenage girls wear? I hope.
LIKES - Food, sarcasm, and recklessness.
You literally just put my life in three words.
DISLIKES - Having to follow rules.
Yep. That's pretty much it.
STRENGTHS - Well I'm obviously brilliantly good at earth magic stuff. Put that down. Bridget is pretty good at earth magic. Keep talking.... She is good at a teeny bit of combat, surprisingly. What do you mean 'surprisingly'?!
WEAKNESSES - Do we have to do this section? Well she's not the smartest or the brightest. Her idea of 'strategy' during battle is screaming ha-di! at every living thing even though it barely ever works. You just had to throw in those last four words, didn't you? She also has a week spot for learning. Are you calling me an undercover nerd?
POWERS - Earth magic. Duh. She can grow plants and control plants. Also teeny bits of combat magic as I may have mentioned before.
WEAPON(S) - A wand and staff. The usual.
FAMILY - Only her stepmother. She's pure evil I tell you! PURE. EVIL.
FRIENDS - She has no friends yet. Pshhh.... What? I have plenty of friends.
ROMANTIC INTERESTS - She doesn't just like any guy. He has to be cute. Duh.
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((Closed to +Alexa Williams, The Princess of Awesomeness))
She had to knock. It was a giant mansion sitting on top of a warehouse in Brooklyn. What else was she supposed to do? That wasn't the only strange thing. The first time she looked, the mansion wasn't there. Then when she blinked hard and concentrated, there it was just casually sitting on top of another building.
Bridget approached the warehouse and weaves through the big yard littered with tires, metal scraps, construction equipment, and much more. She tripped over two tires, a buried forklift, and almost stabbed herself with a piece of metal but kept going.
Bridget slipped through a crack where the warehouse's rusty doors were slightly opened. She found a metal staircase leading up and followed it. She found herself on the roof of the warehouse, and right in front of the mansion.
She took a deep breath and knocked loudly on the door. No answer. She knocked again, impatiently, and pounded her fist on the door. Still no answer. She smiled. This meant she could do her favorite thing in the world. Bridget stood back, and kicked the door as hard as she could with her right leg. She only succeeded in making an ugly mark on the door the size of a size seven and a half platform sneaker and an injured leg.

((I know. It sucks.))
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