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It says this everytime I try to search for songs on soundcloud.I have typed the name of the song and it just doesn't show results and keeps loading. I cant access the TOP 50 Songs section either. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it doesnt load. Please help

When are you updating the+version of the player?

So...whats next?

There's no tag editor in the music player. Melocloud plus has a tag editor. Also we want option to manually set up the album art. The music player lags quite often. Hope that you would fix the lag before updating the plus version!

Any new features por stuff ready forma next update? When will it be ready?

Why does melocloud plus look different I prefer the look of melocloud

Deviam adicionar a opção de pesquisa de letras de músicas a partir da aplicação, baixar capas de álbuns, também devem arrumar bem, a aplicação está muito elegante mas pouco útil... melhorem

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We're progressing on the miniplayer/navbar coloring errors, but I have found one more...
When opening the now playing screen and then closing it the mini player still colors but the navbar doesn't... It doesn't look like it when I first play the song...
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