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This community is for the people trying to escape the past that is repeating itself. From knights to Victorian people the past has been jumbled together. Every fantasy and myth all alive here and it it is up to you to live in this world and survive....
Okay so welcome all to the new world the past is here and repeating itself once more so just for the fun of it lets add some rules to our world
-No Godmoding
-You can be killed
-No Porn, Hentai or anything related
-No making your charaters OP
-Must be Approved before you rp
-I will select a few mods in time 
-Be creative
-Make a Profile before you Rp
-Lastly have fun
Nick Name (optional)-
Apperance: (Image required)
Relationship Status:

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Name: Jacob Baker

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Appearance: Photos

Origins/Birthplace: Ohio, USA

Personality: He can be very aggressive at times, but sometimes he's a friendly fella that just wants to do the best for his family.

Strengths: Can turn undead, making himself stronger. Knows martial arts.

Weaknesses: Not being able to use his gun.  

Likes: Mead, comedy, fighting and having a family

Dislikes: Cheating wives, killings in cold blood, his father, his former best friend, his ex-wife, people called "The Killer", asylums, and prisons in general (especially the Black Dolphin in Russia)

Alliance: Himself (Vigilante)

Relationship status:  Married

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Skills: He is very well trained in the use of firearms. He can turn into an undead creature that can take twice the amount damage and do twice as much damage hand-to-hand.

Bio: A former independent detective, Jacob became increasingly agitated by criminals. Each case he went on, the more hatred he had for them. During a raid that he conducted, he found his wife and child mutilated by the man he went after. He was broken, distraught, just out of it. Became a little crazy. He hallucinates about his family, the killer, and people he once knew.

Jacob got a tip about the killer being locked up in an asylum. Jacob decided to get in, the only way he knew how. He became a security guard. He has weapons, a photographic memory, and a lust for blood. He will find the killer, no matter how long it takes. Even if he must fight through the agonising hallucinations.

Baker is related to a fello named, Undead Rider. A human who was infected by the undead curse. Baker possesses Rider's powers. He becomes even more aggressive, his skin burns off, and he is left with only fire and bones. As long as he remains undead that is.

Jacob also never had a great childhood. His father, an abusive drunk, and his mother taking her husband's abuse. Jacob tried to block all of his father's ways with comedy. In fact, during his teen years he did a few stand-up shows. He didn't get very far with it, after he discovered his family history. He found out about Undead Rider and his powers. Baker thought that he should protect the innocent with his new found power. However, he didn't fight his father, even though he was harming the innocent himself. Jacob wanted to get out of America as fast as he could, and for another reason. He wanted to learn more about policing, in a place he thought he could really protect help people. He went to Templemore Garda college in Ireland. That's where he met his former best friend  Thomas Smith and his dead wife Carla. The three were with each other nearly all of the time.

Jacob and Carla had blossomed their relationship into something much more. They were truly in love. After their two years of police training, they moved to America. Near Jacob's parent's house. The cops in their local area were corrupt. They took bribes, refused to crack down on crime, etc... So, Jacob stepped in and changed things for the better. One man did more then an entire force. The thing is... Jacob's first case... was the murder of his mother. The murderer... his father. Jacob did not hesitate to look into it. He found out that the murderer was his father... and so, he let lose. He beat his father to death. He ended up ripping off his legs and arms during the fight.

Jacob and Carla had got married, had a child and lived a good life... in a sense. 

You know about the whole murder thing, so I don't need to go over that again... or do I? Well, with the final fight with The Killer, Jacob found out that Carla was not dead! She and The Killer had an affair, which lead to a deal between the two. Carla would leave Jacob for The Killer if he broke Jacob down mentally. With the help of The Killer's blood transfusion, he transformed the looks of another dead person into Carla's looks. This changes everything about that dead person. It's quite complex... in a way.

Jacob didn't do this alone. He met many people throughout his journey. The most note worthy one is, Nenzira. Nen helped Jacob with stopping bandits getting into the asylum and Carla and The Killer before they went ahead with their plan of world domination. They were close, but those two stopped them. Jacob and Nen are now lovers, but, Jacob has some other business with a person he had romantic feelings for.

A riot that The Killer started destroyed most of the asylum. This also involved a lot of security guards, doctors and patients being killed. The corrupt cops from his home town took over the asylum, since the Warden was killed... by Jacob and Nen. Two people in the force have a close relationship with Baker. One of them being, his former best friend.

After the riot, Jacob and Nenzira were captured by the people mentioned in the last paragraph. They were brought to the Russian prison known as The Black Dolphin, where their powers were taken from them... and one of the children that was growing in Nen's womb. Due to her being a Sharpedo, reproduction occurs quicker compared to normal humans. They then had to escape the prison, get back their power... and make sure that their child didn't find and kill them...

During the riot in the asylum, the two stumbled upon a vault. What was inside is only known to them. What is known is that The Saboteurs Of The Sun had something to do with it. And so, the pair made their way to the city, not sure of what to expect.

It has been six years since the riot. He and his family settled into Nightlife just a few years ago. But now, Jacob is missing. No one knows of his whereabouts, besides the people of this realm...

If there's anything wrong with it, let me know!
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Name: Awenysa O'Deawys (Pronounced: AWE- yee- sah  Oh-DEE-Wis)

Nick Name (optional)- Ana

Date of Birth: 9 March 1671

Age: 19

Personality: Sarcastic, Witty, Intelligent, Cunning, quick and thinking, Manipulative, knows how to get what she wants... 

Skills: getting her way, archery, dress making... read Bio to learn more...Sighs figuring things out, being  sneaky about things

Strengths: archery, sewing, manipulation, talking people into doing things, working her way out of things, puzzle solving, healing

Weaknesses: running, anything that requires physical strength

Likes: Archery, stealing, people who are nice to her, adventure

Dislikes: running... see weaknesses for the rest... oh and fire!

~Hair: Fiery red Curls
~Eyes: Brown 
~Skintone: Pale with a splash of freckles on her face.
~Height: 6"3'
~Weight: 134Ibs.
~Body type: Thin (Normal, healthy thin)
~Apparel/Accessories: See pictures below 

Relationship Status: Single

Bio:  She grew up with three sisters and 2 brothers and her parents. they were pretty well off; her mother owned a Fabrics shoppe and her father worked a small farm with goats and apple trees and Barley. Ana usually helped her mother, but prefered to be outside with her father and brothers. 

when she was 9, her father started to secretly taught her to shoot a bow and she quickly mastered it a year later. then when she was 11, she learned also how to throw knives. 

when she was 15, she left home and ended up in the catacombs underneath Dublin.
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Name: Undead Rider (name not given at birth)

Nickname: Assassin of King Drake

Age: 32. Doesn't know his real birth date, so he decided on the 5th of June.

Species: Human/Undead

Appearance: Picture.

Height: 6 foot 3

Eye colour: Green. Red in his undead state

Hair: Long black hair and a black beard.

Origins/Birthplace: Born in a small shack in an unknown land. After the age of three, he was raised in a cave.

Family: Deceased. Parents were killed when he was three

Friends: Has many, but not in this land.

Residence:  He's a bit of a nomad

Occupations: He helps any and all that need it. In some cases, he is a sword for hire. Also, using THE ULTIMATE HANGOVER CURE on angry drunks.

Sexual orientation: Straight

Relationship status: He's not sure himself, but he thinks single

Handicaps: When undead he can lose control of himself. This only happens when he is extremely angry. He doesn't fight as well without the support of others.

Abilities: When he turns undead he has more of a lust for blood, he's a bit faster, and a bit more resilient to damage. In his undead form, his skin fades away only leaving bone and fire. The generations after him were destined when he got the curse. He knows the names of his children and their children. He can contact these people in the future.

Skills: Knows THE ULTIMATE HANGOVER CURE. It can cure any drunkenness. It's also a torture tool for getting information.

Weapons: Halberd

Personality: Determined, a bit of a joker, charismatic, a strong leader, the heart of a rebel but the brain of a kingdom.
Likes: Fighting, women, allies and drinking.

Dislikes: Evil kings and  being betrayed

Bio: Lived with outlaws and outcasts in a cave till he was 16. He moved to Lordame where he used the name Rider. That was also the place where King Drake lived. When he was 18, he was evicted from the city for dealing with outlaws (a lot of stuff happens when you're drunk.) When he was 21, most of the people in the city were banished. He was a contract killer for 4 years. At 25, he and the other city folk were going to get killed by the Guard (no, the the one in the movie). He led the people to victory. He killed the King, which turned him Undead. Every night he turned Undead, until he met the Black Wings and the Holy Order when he travelled west to Dracole Lake. He fought with them for 2 years, killing the evil King. Sosicles Heck. He had an Undead army created by his magic.... and of a little of some Demons. These same Demons controlled Rider every night, until, at the final battle, Rider fought the Demon leader, killing it. Rider took it's power, and he can now control when he wants to use his Undead powers. He meant to cure himself, but this was the only option. He went back to Lordame where he helped restore the Kingdom. He established the Republic of Lordame. 3 years after, he went back to Dracole Lake, meeting up with one of his best friends, and leader of The Holy Order, Platinum Marcel. Platinum said that the Black Wings leader, and another good friend of Rider's, Lanslet Ajkler, was in another land.

They found Lanslet in a place called Gorwick. Rider had changed by then. He wanted the idea of a unified world. One without war, death, despair... and undeath. Later on in the following months, Rider was told that the undead side of him was breaking out. In other words, Rider would be eternally undead. He would be the demon himself! Rider and some of his most trusted friends went to The Forgotten City, with the help of a guide. Rider slayed  his undead side, but it was not gone. As long as his family lives on, the curse will never break. The rest is unknown...

Rider, now stuck in a repeating past, must band together with two other family members that have been caught in this time loop. A vigilante detective from the 2000's and a Mage killer from a distant planet from the 3000 - 5000. (If you don't want futuristic weapons to work, let me know!)

Theme song: Shadow Of The Ash (Alternate Vocals Version) by Miracle Of Sound

If there are any problems with the profile, let me know! 

(Open, +Deaths Friend)

The dead man himself, Undead Rider, finds himself in his favourite place... a pub! He drinks, chats, and flirts throughout the night. After a couple of hours, he decides to just... sleep... on the counter. Not worried if people end up taking his money...

That's where you come in...

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Zira walks the underground passage ways of the city the world has changed the past was here and many choose a new way of living mostly these new ways where just to survive. Our world was split in groups  to keep each other safe from the more dangerous ones. But Zira did not belong to any she was more of a shadow moving silently under the city streets. She carried an oil lamp since the electricity was cut it was gone for a while and no one has gone to fix it no one dares. It is the cannibals territory and not even the once great leaders of our world dare to try. Anyways Zira continued her way the tunnel was damp and cold as she turned sharply hearing the sound of footsteps running against the cold stone 
//open rp//

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"You have to see the world as it is. Not as you want it to be"

Name ~ Her name is Lillia Ortega, though she doesn't prefer people to know her last name

Alias ~ She goes by Lily most of the time

Age ~ She is sixteen years old, sad, for having to be stuck in the past

Date of birth ~ She doesn't know the year anymore, all she knows is that it was on May tenth

Personality ~ She is a shy person, not exactly what people would call loud, she prefers to keep to herself, try to do things herself, and not talk to anyone. Sadly, in this world, she will eventually have to talk to someone to help her

Likes ~ She likes to read when she has the time, she likes the day, more specifically, the dawn, where the sun shines early on and it's still cool outside

Dislikes ~ The night, for one thing. She doesn't name anything else

Strengths ~ She hides easily, climbs swiftly, and runs pretty well. Anything else is a challenge, though she takes those challenges

Weaknesses ~ She can't lift a weapon, depending on what it is. Swords, maces, and axes are all out for her

Relationship Status ~ Single as a Pringle and never ready to mingle

Bio ~ She doesn't say a word. All she knows it that her parents were rich and successful, and then the world when into a throwback session, and she lost them. Joy.
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I walk with my black cloak on, my long dress flicking around my feet with each step, the flame on the candle I hold, flickering with the air currents around me in my fast pace. I turn a corner and run into you.
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Name: Zira Yetana
Nick Name (optional)- Zi
Age: 18
Personality: distant, kind, adventrous, sweet, caring, protective of friends
Skills: combat with almost every weapon, drawing, singing, and writing
Strengths: strength, athletic, skilled
Weaknesses: doesn't trust easily
Likes: adventures, drawing, climbing, and sword fighing
Dislikes: annoying people and bullies
Apperance: (Image required)
Relationship Status: single
Bio: Data Unavailble

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Feel Free to use any of these while rping
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