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Neat Theme is Up
- Substratum Build
- Added new Icons
- Completely New Base


Are Neat themes dead? Looking to see if there will be substratum support in the future.

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50 Photos - View album

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The latest release of Resurrection Remix for the Nexus 6 v5.6.9 is supper smooth and just loaded with custom options. Outstanding build.

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Promo codes available yay😊😊 ..Spam as much as you can to 😂+Aditya Gupta

I will be giving away 10 codes for Tasty Icon Pack.
Rules are pretty easy.
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Ps:- You are eligible only if you complete all steps. And A Special code will be shared with a special person,He or may will have his 2 icon request fulfilled in the next update

Results Tommorow at 3pm Ist ,you have 1day1hr :) ,Keep Sharing cause i will be giving a Special Code too ,to a special person.

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<<Delay Giveaway>>
The Giveaway is pretty easy , to have 5 codes to giveaway, just follow the procedure to participate.
1. share this post
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For all Moto users and for all layers developers, who all were facing System Ui issue I.e network bars were unthemed , they can overcome this issue by installing an Xposed module called "AOSP SIGNAL ICONS" and developers there are 3 parameters which are associated with this module (custom_icons, custom_mappings and wide_icons). Check these 3 parameters if you are able to do something.

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Enjoy your day .iLayers Dark for dark lovers . Give it a try, thanks and have a nice day
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