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Holo the wise wolf
Species: immortal wolf-deity
Weapon: her claws and teeth (In wolf form)
Class: Thief
Special ability: Transformation
-Required: Wheat and in a certain proportion.
Abilities:Transformation: Holo has the power to transform into a massive wolf (bigger than an elephant) in this form she uses this to move at high speeds much faster than another known creature. She also uses her huge jaws in order to defend herself and Lawrence . To activate this form she must either consume wheat or human blood.
Heightened Sense of Smell: This ability can be used both in her wolf and human form. Like most canines wolves have an excellent sense of smell and can pick up a particular scent from far distances far greater than humans. This allows Holo to be able to detect dangers such as wolves and other people much quicker than Lawrence.
Eternal Youth: Holo has lived for many centuries and is not visibly aged past 17 years old (at least in her human form). She credits her wisdom from the experiences her long life has given her. However she is not immortal, she explains that if the wheat she dwells in is destroyed, she would disappear.
Enhanced Hearing: Being a wolf Holo has great hearing, She is able to hear tiny sounds much farther away than humans. Her ears are so sensitive that she can hear the subtle differences in purity of coins by shaking them together. Holo's ears also have the ability to determine if a person is telling a lie or not. However she admits it's not 100% accurate.


Holo is smart and confident, though the latter is mostly seen around Lawrence (probably because he is the person she is most comfortable with). She is considered to be flirtatious and manipulative towards him, while often mocking his (supposed) thinking and negotiating skills. However, she seems to have a really deep fear of being alone, and having grown fond of Lawrence as her company, she nurtures a strong affection for him. She is also seen to feel uneasy about showing him her wolf form, but will do so in order to protect him, even if it means putting her life at risk. She is usually good-humored and talkative.

Holo is a bit of an alcoholic, often drinking when having the chance to do so and usually getting drunk because of it, though being somewhat able to sustain her wit. She is also somewhat of a glutton. She often convinces Lawrence (usually using her feminine charm) to buy her food, which is usually in large quantities and, at times, expensive. This might just be because she is really a massive wolf and needs the appropriate amount of nutrition. A perfect example of this was when she bought over 80 apples with Lawrence's money without his permission (which was the beginning of a large and growing debt with Lawrence).

Though she is a deity Holo still suffers from the same faults as many humans do, For one Holo does experience jealousy toward other girls who talk to Lawrence. This is not shown better than with her and Lawrence meeting the lovely shepherd girl Nora Arendit. Holo was against hiring Nora as a bodyguard not only because they didn't really need one but also for the fact that Nora and Lawrence became close very quickly. Given that shepherds are enemies of wolves is factored in to Holo's initial dislike for Nora. Holo is a very proud "wolf" but does understand that she does not know everything; an example of this is when Lawrence explains why people get sick via the four humors.

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Name: Cynthia Wildfox
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Demon
Personality: Strong
Class: Angel Slayer
Weapon: Demon Scythe
Mage Arts: Pure demon magic
Likes: Torturing angels
Dislikes: Angels
Bio: Trained by Satan to kill angels
Burst: Able to use dark magic when there is a full moon

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Name : Mirai
Surname: Kurijama
Age: 12
Genre: female
character: funny, lonely
power: turn my blood into a sword
Class: warrior ikaishi
weapon: sword
I like: eat because I have to recuperate

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 name: Nina
 age: 15
gender: female
species: Beastfolk
personality: strong,
class: assassin
weapon: sword, dagger
Skills: light on her feet, fast reflexes, quick thinker
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Name:laughing jack
Age 19
Gender male
species: Human
Weapons : none
Skills hand to hand combat
personality: always laughing
class: assassin
likes: candy
dislikes: none
bio: none
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