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Name: Brutus Wilson
Age: 18
Gender: male
Occupation: survey corps
Likes: friends, combat, food
Dislikes: Titans
Weapons: swords( what ever its calls), flare gun
Gear: standard uniform, vertical wall menuveting system
Bio: grew up at the outer wall. Parents were killed in the Titan attack. He wondered alone till he enlisted in survey corps when he was able.

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Pray that this not true,I erd that season 2 might come out in 2017 or probably in August

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Name: Ivira Jeager
Family: Brother Eren Jeager
Adopted sister: forgot....
Bio: I escaped the first wave of this centuries titan attacks... I hid until Eren found me.
Status: ....I'm on my own 😔
Crush: uu-uh. Ll-levi

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Is Levi smiling!!!!?

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Name: Yukara Ackerman.

Age: 17

Gender: Female.

Race: Human.

Region: Survey Corps.

Height: 157cm.

Weight: 47 kg

Birthday: June 13 

Relatives: Levi Ackerman (Father)
and (Unknown mother who is deceased)

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Name: Riley Ackerman.

Age: 15

Gender: female.

Race: Human.

Region: Survey Corps.

Height: 159cm.

Weight: 59kg.

Birthday: July 15th

Appearance: When fighting (The first picture)...When not fighting (Second Picture). Black hair that goes to her waistline, bright blue eyes, pale skin, very thin figure.

Family: Levi Ackerman (Older brother)

Bio: 3 years ago, after the death of my parents, I left Levi and Kenny and lived underground, selling illegal weapons, drugs and other things. One night something went wrong when I was in the middle of selling weapons, when I was caught by Eren Yeager. Eren took me to Levi and later Levi found out who I was and let me being training so I could join them in fighting the titans

I hope this is ok, that was just everything that happened When Levi found me 
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Rosaria screamed in absolute, pure, and utter fury as she struggled very violently in her chains, her tightly chained to a wall in her cell, the same one Eren was in before his trial. A very heavy cast iron collar was around her neck, along with a bite mask around her mouth, since when a criminal sentenced to die broke out of his cell and tried to kill Rosaria, she bit both of his arms clean off. It was very, very cold in the cell, and the Military Police Guards outside her cell had to constantly drug her, since before they even thought about drugging her to keep her calm, she ripped the iron chains on her and the cell bars clean off and tried to escape before Erwin caught her again. " HEY, YOU JACKASSES! LET ME OUT OF HERE! " she demanded in fury before the mask automatically tightened itself around her mouth once more, now making it pretty well damn near impossible for her to speak, or to even open her mouth or for her to move her jaw at all. " Aw, shut up, Wolf girl! You've been locked up here for three months, ain't gonna let you out anytime soon! " a guard jeered, looking at his watch. It was nearing her feeding time, but she absolutely and positively refused the food and drink they gave her, going without food or water or sleep for three months straight. But, Rosaria was unaware of the people coming down to give her food, new people who wanted to meet her. (( Open rp, feel free to join in! :-) ))
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( Basic Info! I'm new here, and " Attack On Titan " is my life! )

" Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue. "

Name: Rosaria Iris Lockehart

Age: unknown

Sex: Female

Race: Human, believes she is a wolf

Titan Shifter: Very reluctant to find out.

Special powers: can communicate with animals, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds, sense of smell is 20 times stronger than a normal humans, has magical ruby pendant that when she sings, she sucks in the bad, pure evil, and negative energy out of people and replaces it with good energy, uses energy to help her kill titans.

Species: human with wolf mutations

Height: 170cm

Weight: 40kg

Home: Forest Of Great Trees outside of the walls

Status in forest: Princess

Birthplace: Wall Sina, Royal Palace, doesn't know.

Birthday: February 21st, Doesn't celebrate it.

Zodiac: Pisces

Relationship status: Single, thinks nobody will truly love her, and thinks that people will use her for her body or kill her if they do come close to her.

Alias: The Silver Kitsune

Nicknames: Rose, Aria, Aria Blaze, Wolf Girl.

Pets: An Akita Dog named Kiyoshi ( ), Messenger Hawk named Stormfly ( ), twin tail ragdoll kitten named Pip, ( She's a combo of these, Jewelry and collars included, her eyes are blue and she has pure snow bright white on her paws and muzzle, with a north star pattern on her forehead: , , , ) a loyal horse named Raindrop: ) a Raccoon named Meeko, (( )) and a hummingbird named Flint. (( )) she refuses to leave her home without them.


Likes: Forests, Dancing, Playing her flute, painting history on her cave walls, training to fight, eating titans, slaying titans, drawing, going for a run in the forest, watching the sun rise and set.

Dislikes: being ordered to clean up, 3DMG , people hurting animals, and not accepting someone for who they are, bullying, fighting, taunting, teasing, along with certain members of Scouting Legion.

Hates: Dresses, Skirts, Being forced to conform to traditions or rules, cleaning herself up, changing her clothes

Weapons: Samurai Katana for slaying Titans, kunai, bow and arrow, dagger

Backstory: Her Mother was in the Wall cult and the Wall Guard, and Her Father was in the Military Police, both joined the Scouting Legion after she was born, but eaten by titans. Due to her abnormal mutations, her wolf ears and a tail, as a baby, she was thrown over the walls to die, but was found by a pack of wolves who took her in as one of her pack and was raised by the forest animals. She is very protective of her forest home and kills all titans who dare to enter it, and hates the survey corps with a burning passion since the barbs on their 3DMG tear up the trees, yet for their fallen warriors, she buries them and leaves a cross on top of their grave with their name carved into the cross, which she makes out of sticks, and melts the metal found on the dead and forges them into throwing knives she uses for self-protection, and sometimes, for armor, not for herself, but to protect the animals, insects, and fish of the forest. She hates the Survey Corps with a burning passion, so to piss off Levi, she never takes a bath after she goes on a Titan slaying spree, as not only bathing is not natural to wolves, but it is a sign of bravery amongst the forest dwellers. She can easily climb over the walls and join in the titan killing, to save humans and Survey corps members, as well as animals. Out of the skull of a 10 meter tall titan, she hand carved a wolf mask, and out of the cloaks and materials off of fallen soldiers, she created a black kevlar hood that makes it impossible to see her face, and she hides her long hair along with her wolf/fox/dog/cat ears underneath it. Since she has metallic silver markings on her mask, the townspeople have given her a vigilante name: The Silver Kitsune. She always has a horrible, putrid, pungent, and very overpowering and god awful smell of dissolving Titans, rotting carcasses, dead titans, burning human hair, and burning human flesh around her, since she never bathes, and if she WAS in the survey corps, Corporal Levi would face some serious competition, as she only needs one sword to take down a titan, plus, she can't be caught when somebody tries to catch her! She has a 20 pack, her body is extremely ripped, toned, muscular, buff, and strong, and she tries to pass herself off as a male. She will not leave her forest home for more than 5 hours, so if the Survey Corps REALLY wants her, they'll have to catch her in the forest! She records the history of the Survey Corps and humanity on the walls of her cave home, and refers to the walls as mountains, and refuses to go behind them and live there because she sees it as cowardly. An avid Blacksmith, if Rosaria sees a human who is not loved or bullied, she creates daggers or kunai and places it underneath their pillows along with a heartfelt encouragement note, leaving only a wolfs pawprint as her signature and plays her flute to help the people of the Scouting Legion go to sleep. If someone is really lucky, they can hear her beautiful singing as she sings the forest animals a lullaby to help them sleep. Before her father died, he hand created a special 3DMG for her to use if she joined the scouting legion, however, Rosaria believes her family is wolves. She can communicate with animals and understand them, but she rarely speaks English, as English is a language rarely used to speak to her. To also throw off people tracking her, she wears wolf pawprint stamp bottoms on her elkskin boots so that they won't be able to find shoeprints, they'll think everything here was done by a wolf. ( Here's the link to all the feathers in her braids, there are supposed to be eight feathers in each braid, and there's also supposed to be a peregrine falcon, golden eagle, bluejay, and pigeon feather included in the feathers: ) (( The fifth to last photo is her gear her father made Her, second to last photo is Rosaria in light when she titan shifts, blue lightning hits her instead of normal yellow light, and last photo is her Titan Form, The 30 meter Winged Female Armored Kitsune Titan, the photo before Rosaria in light is her symbol, and the snowflake in the photo before her symbol is the snowflake in her own personal symbol. ))


Combat Skills: 10/10

Mobility: 10/10

Speed: 10/10

Strategy: 9/10

Teamwork: 8/10

Ruthlessness: 10/10

Memory: 7/10

Kindness: 8/10

Cleanliness: 0/10

Self-Esteem: 5/10

Intelligence: 9/10

Nose: 8/10

Captiousness: 6/10

Cognition: 10/10

Silence: 9/10

Secrecy: 9/10

Judgement: 10/10

Passion: 9/10

Appetite: 0/10

Kindredship: 0/10

Camaraderie: 10/10

Heavenliness: 10/10

Singing: 20/10

Traits: A gentle soul, A compassionate heart, a warrior's spirit, selfless service, Pureness of heart, innocence.

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Is there any Jeans...😘if there is, ur my fav, and I don't care if u have a horse-face

Name: Kyoto
Talents: very good with 3DMG, has a small sense of hand to hand combat. Tends to avoid groups and is very anti social
Rank:graduated as best in the 105th Training corps and is a member of the survey corps
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