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Here is a link to next week's googledoc of our group discussion.

Gary, after you left we discussed most of what is in this short response. If you'd like to add anything or have any questions, let me know. We decided not to submit it until next week so we have time to make adjustments. I wanted to get it written before Sarah and Jessica take their trips.

I hope I'm not over stepping but I removed some of the internal commentary from the paper already and replaced any reminders we typed in the body of our paper as comments. I was having a hard time getting into a good workflow with all the little additional notes and comments within the text of the paper. If you still need it in the old form, I did save a copy and will gladly send it to you. Otherwise, anything that was simply a note is now a comment on the side.

Hi All,
I will need to leave the call a bit early tomorrow due to a work need. I need to be off the call at 2:15.
Since we have the one topic, maybe we can be done by then?

Hey Team,
This is what we need to accomplish today and a suggested timeline:
1. Present our work individually for the final paper. 3min each.
2. Discuss any data specific concerns. Do we have enough information to support our findings? Would someone who knows nothing about communication understand our identified problems and solutions? Max 30 minutes.
3. Identify a timeline for editing the final paper and set group ground rules for making changes to the final paper. 10 minutes.

Thank you for all your hard work! I'm extremely proud of what this small group has accomplished. By far this is the best small group I've had the pleasure of working with on any school project.
Thanks Team!

Alright everyone, I just added the interview to the bottom of the outline so we can keep everything together. Russ said we should absolutely e-mail him if we have any other questions. So let me know! 

Hi all, 

The interview is finished, I'm just working on transcribing it now. I work both of my jobs today so it might not get posted until later this evening. Sorry, I know I told you all I would have it finished this afternoon. 

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Are we on for 5pm?

Just a heads up folks, we are a go for 1:30 next Sunday for our meeting.

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This is an interesting article on re-work. I find the first two pages are the most helpful if we'd like to discuss rework reduction in our paper.
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