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Welcome to Detroit's Team Mystic G+ community, here we will dominate our opponents, Team Valor and Team Instinct throughout Detroit and claim every gym under the name of Mystic. In this community we have minor rules that will be updated regularly just to keep everything in tip top shape. If you want something added to the rules and it pass the requirements, please post it in suggestions to Owner/Mods. Thank you and hope to see you soon.


1. Usernames are highly recommended.

2. If you go Pokémon hunting at night be paired up with at least 3 or more people.

3. Meet Ups are just a little thing I would like to get going to strengthen our community.


Here's my friend code.. I send gifts daily
3497 5014 9503

Down town Detroit and RiverFront

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Just saying the stats adds up precisely 👍😊 very accurate
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I have a suggestion... A Strategy Category, to show off the best strategic ways to leveling up, stocking up on Pokémon, good areas to find Pokémon, etc.

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I took screenshots of the airport, and look at this beautiful sight! 👏
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