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This stuff will help if you are on console:

+Deadshot 08 YT If you still have issues go to 'Network Settings' - 'Advanced Settings'- 'Mac Address'- then 'Clear Alt Mac Address'- it will cause a restart and clear some problems. Also edit your DNS settings ONLY- this is not port forwarding- use Google's DNS settings: / - this will bypass your ISP dns if its not working.

+Deadshot 08 YT Ok.. First check your NAT in 'Network Settings' if its not OPEN run the 'Multiplayer Test Connection'- during the test hold RT+LT+RB+LB- and again at the end of the test. You should see a new screen with details. Now restart your Xbox completely (pull out power)- it should now say NAT TYPE: OPEN

+Deadshot 08 YT After that you can only look into Port Forwarding (quick Google search) and assign manual IP's to get around the NAT if it wont go to OPEN. And I recommend a quick email to your internet provider telling them you need help- they may change some settings on their side. PM if you need, I know the pain of not getting online...

+Deadshot 08 YT Don't play wireless- use Ethernet- check your router settings by logging into the Router (usually 192.55.0.. check online)- In your router make sure UpNP is ON. Turn off any router firewall (just use one on your computer)- this will help a lot. Check in 'Network Settings' if your on IPv4 or IPv6- try and activate IPv6 if you can. 

+DRAN Crew GTA +Deadshot 08 YT I'm a network Technician and I've had ongoing issues with my xb1 since the first day I played Gta. Portfowarding is essential (must have a static Ip) and place your static IP in the DMZ, should be some where in your Router.

P.s. Rockstar servers are worse than EA FIFA servers , no word of a lie. It's almost like they have used A COD network policy,where there is a host,and if that host has a bad connection or leaves,everyone who is left in the session will lag out. +Rockstar Games 

Pt 3

Grenade Launcher $98 explosives, Explosives Everywhere

Grenades $7 For long range (stock 22)

C4 $87 Up close & Personal (stock 40)

G9 explosive 8K very strong, strong enough to blow a vault door open

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Pt 2-

Standard Military jeep *not fast... But pretty sturdy* $100
Military jeep up2 *the cousin of the other one* $800
Armored Military jeep *the best in his series!* 1k
Standard Tank *boom...boom...boom* 23k
Bavarium Armored Tank *unstoppable... Nicknamed Impetrator (commander)* 900k

For sale (more to come) with their jingles-

Dual Pistols: $10 *go classic!*
MG : $20 *need faster firing?*
Sniper rifle (bolt) :$75 *scoped!*
Auto Sniper :50K *quicker reload? No problem!*
Ammo box: $2 *No ammo= No chance.*
RPG :100k *Because why not*
(My custom Weapon)(mine launcher)CS Negotiator *when saying fuck you just doesn't get the message through* :900k

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