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Welcome to Spagonia, a hub of culture, or what used to be one. Until recently, the region was desolate, a result of Robotnik polluting the environment, nature having reclaimed what it could.

However, with the onset of Operation: Spagonia, Selphian forces had returned to the city, and set up a base of operations inside the old University grounds, with the intent of rebuilding the region. Currently, much of the city is in ruins, a few of the housing areas north of the river are restored, the warehouses are mostly spoiled in terms of food, but any weapons or non perishable goods are fine.

At the moment, the Selphian Airfleet can't formally appear, not until after war is declared on the Eggman Empire by the Noradic Empire. Currently, anywhere beyond the mountains that ring the northern edge is too toxic to live in. Beware of acid rain, and enjoy seeing dragons roam the world again...

[Do note, we are looking for Mobian Themed OCs, as part of our new arcs]
These must be good OCs, as in, well thoughtout backstories
There will be upcoming adoptions

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New profile.
Name: Arthur Pendragon

Age: 16

Birthday: August 17

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 170cm (5'7")

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: Amber


Uther (biological father)

+Alice S. Glory "Senpie"​ ( Girlfriend )

unnamed adoptive father

Kay (adoptive brother)

Occupation: King of Camelot

Affiliation: Kingdom of Camelot, Temple of Glory.


In his first appearance Arthur is shown to be polite by apologizing for bringing an "army" without informing anybody in advance, but his stubborn streak is also revealed when he refuses to leave. This does not seem to be due to his stubborness because he knew that something was going on in theKingdom of Liones, and he was determined to help.

Despite holding the title of a king, he is still young and rather than being composed, mature, and wise he is shown to be a rather cheerful, friendly, and carefree person. When Hendricksen attacks him he's revealed to be quite brave and even fearless as he smiles and talks normally even though he is being attacked with Hendricksen's Hellblaze.

Arthur is also shown to be quite secretive. When Hendricksen asks about what he knows about the kingdom he says that it's a secret. When Hendricksen told him to reveal his hand before dying he doesn't mention anything about whether he really has a "hand" or not and mysteriously answers, "Why don't you try to force me to reveal my hand?" Arthur's powers as of yet are unknown, aside from being able to defend himself against some of Hendricksen's attacks. At one point Arthur himself says that he wants to discover his powers.

In the extra chapter, "World of Love", it's revealed that Arthur has been skilled and brave since he was a child, bearing the ability to split an apple in half using a stick while blindfolded. He is also shown to be quite mature and unchildish for his age as he did not deny the fact that Kay hated him and instead accepted, not averting his eyes from the hard truth. Arthur is also a very kind and optimistic character as he said that he believes that one day he and Kay could come to understand one another and be Holy Knights together despite Kay's hatred for him. Having this sort of dream also reveals that he is very enthusiastic and ambitious.



Arthur normally wears a gold colored set of steel armor. This Armor is able to stand up against heavy attack from different types of weapons, its also shown to be able to stand up against magical attacks as well. Arthur carries a large sword and is seen mounted on a relatively huge warhorse geared with metal armor. Arthur appears to be very capable combatant as he easily blocked Hendrickson's surprise attack and simultaneously dealt a counter strike, dealing a blow on the Great Holy Knight. Arthur's swordsmanship skill is above that of an ordinary human level as Arthur was able to keep up with Hendrickson and had great speed. But Hendrickson knew that Arthur was holding back for reasons unknown. In the past, Arthur appeared to have a high degree of strength as shown after pulling the giant sword from the stone, he was able to lift it with ease. It was revealed that Arthur doesn't know his own power and tried to find one by putting his life on the line.


Arthur's sword, Sequence, is a longsword with a cross-shaped pommel and quillon. Even if the sword breaks it is capable of reverting back to normal.
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|| Le Theme: || WHO NEEDS THEMES.


|| Quote(s) ||
”Like it or not, I am who I am...and I must live with that...whatever the consequences may be…”

Name: Shiro the Hedgehog
Age: Unknown || Presumably in his mid-seventies, though physically he is about seventeen. ||

Gender: Male
Race/Species: Mobian/ Albino Black African Pigmy Hedgehog

Aliases/Nicknames: None
Alignment: True Neutral || Unless stated otherwise. ||

Height: 140cm || 3’4” ||
Weight: 37kg || 81.5lbs ||

​​​​​ None

Appearance: Due to him being a bit “different”, the male would sport a bright coat of pearly white fur. He doesn’t have anything against such, though he has admitted that it becomes quite a hindrance at times.

In addition, he would also sport a light, peachy muzzle, along with yellowish-gold irises. Clothing-wise, he wore black, slim-fitting sweatpants along with his traditional low-friction, gray & white sneakers. “Occasionally”, he would often be seen with some type of scarf, colors ranging from a light brown to a dark gray.

Bio: Known to few as the “successor” to the Ultimate Life Form, Shiro was originally set at the replacement in case anything were to happen with the original. || AKA Shadow ||


During the mid-to-late stages of development with Project: Shadow, seeing as how successful their work with the “new prototype” was, a group of scientists would band together to create what they thought would become the next step to reaching true immortality. Like his counterpart, he was designed to be the “perfect” being.

However, his life aboard the Space Colony: ARK was very different to that of the latters. He was subjected to more intense, more rigorous training, both physical and mental...much more than what his predecessor was exposed to at the time. Nonetheless, he progressed rather well, especially during physical training. As for development within harnessing, and mastering the use of Chaos Energy, he did rather well within that field as well.

Between the two, while Shiro showed more potential, “they” would spend more time with the latter, as “he” was favored more by Professor Gerald Robotnik, not to mention his granddaughter as well. The two never truly encountered each other during their their time aboard the ARK, for the scientists feared the worst if such were to happen. Due to this, the male was constantly sent into suspended animation whenever he was not being tested upon. It would remain as such until the human military organization known as the “Guardian Units of Nations” || Or G.U.N for short. || invaded the ARK, capturing and executing anyone and everyone who was affiliated with the creation of Project: Shadow. Ironically, they did not know about the latter, which led to his undetected escape within one of the emergency escape pods, down towards the planet below. He would crash land in a rocky region only a few miles from civilization, where he would remain for the next thirty or so years...

//Present Day//

Eventually, he would emerge from his long slumber, only two days after the entire “Black Arms” incident || AKA “Shadow the Hedgehog-The Game” ||. Due to him being asleep for god knows how long, he would find the region rather “strange” at first, due to having never experienced such things. However, he would quickly grow used to such as the days went by.

However, all of that would change when he came across…”her”...

Ever since that day, the male’s demeanor would have “changed”. He was actually given a purpose for existing. He had a choice...and he certainly was not going to waste it...

As those days would turn into months, the male would also realize that there was more to the world than what met the eye. It wasn’t a place where one could simply lie back and do absolutely nothing. One had to make a living simply so survive alone...

Eventually, the male would take upon the role of a “lone” bounty hunter, tracking down, capturing, and under certain circumstances, taking the lives of Mobius’ “Most Wanted”. || Excluding Robotnik of course. || Due to him naturally being a wanderer, he wouldn’t stick to one place for long, traversing the land. It was not like he truly liked his job, it was simply a way for him to get by.

Personality: Upon first encounter, it would seem as the male had quite a/an edgy cold side to him. However, if one were to get to know him better, say a certain someone or something he deemed as “valuable” to him, Totally not pointing fingers or anything. they would experience a softer, gentler side to him. However, he would prefer to hide such for his own reasons...

If one were to push him within the wrong direction, they would experience a more "harsh" side of him. His temper is quite short, so it would be wise not to push him over the edge.

Abilities: Both Shiro and his predecessor Shadow are alike and different in many ways.|| Their fur color, for starters. || Unlike his predecessor, who utilized the “Hover Skates” as his primary source of movement/speed, the male’s speed was completely “natural”, thanks to the power of Chaos Radiation. The fastest the male has ever run was recorded at a whopping 5,328 miles per hour, || 8574.585 KPH || or Mach 7. He possesses the ability to curl himself up into a ball, utilizing his momentum to  hurl himself at his opponents. || I.E Spin Attack, Spin Dash & the Homing Attack. ||

//Hand-To-Hand Combat// This would be the region where the male was best within. Paired along with his speed, his is quite formidable foe, a force to be reckoned with. It would not be surprising if he were to come out victorious in a fistfight with his predecessor.

//Chaos Abilities// While they were not a developed as the male’s physical capabilities, he is quite diverse within the art of Chaos. He is able to freely tap into the Chaos Force, manipulating such to his whim. Unfortunately, like his predecessor, his powers grew to the point where it would become dangerously unstable for him, along with whoever else was in contact with him. He was given “Power Inhibitors” in order to regulate and control the raging flow of Chaos Energy within him. Unlike Shadows, which were four gold cuffs upon his wrists and above his ankles, Shiro’s were simply two grey metal bands upon his wrists. They were also unremovable, unfortunately, though there was a way around such, if required.

//Chaos Abilities range from, but are not limited to...//

//Chaos Spear// A lightning bolt attack released while charged with chaos energy.

//Chaos Control// Used to warp time and space. It can be used to stop or slow down time temporarily. More often, it is used to instantaneously transport matter from one place in space to another or increase or slow the speed of time in specific areas. The warping power increases in correlation with greater number of Emeralds. Space and time can be fractured into a time-space rift by two opposing uses of Chaos Control, allowing for time travel. In most canons, Chaos Control requires at least one Chaos Emerald in the nearby vicinity to draw power from.

//Chaos Boost// One of the male’s most developed abilities. Temporarily charging himself up with Chaos Energy, this technique allows invulnerability to weak/average attacks, and allows more use of advanced techniques, such as Chaos Snap, Chaos Lance, and Chaos Blast. It also increases the user's speed, strength, and senses for a short period of time. In a way it sort of doubles his power, much like the “Kaio-Ken” technique. However, it does have drawbacks. There is a constant drain of energy between transforming and actually using the technique. He would become drained  if he were to use it too much.

//Chaos Blast// A very powerful shock wave that basically decimates all within a twenty yard radius. It can also be channeled into a beam of energy throughout the user’s hands.

//Chaos Lance// An upgraded version of Chaos Spear, stunning enemies and damaging them, doing more damage than normal by exploding.

//Chaos Bullet// The user creates a tightly compacted ball of Chaos Energy which, if hit by, could effectively stun an opponent for a short while. Due to such, the technique can be used in rapid succession, in order to completely immobilize an opponent for some time.

//Chaos Wave// Much like the “Chaos Blast” the user emits a large wave of Chaos Energy within twenty to thirty yard radius. Unlike such however, this technique does very little harm to the opponent, serving more as a “knockback” type of maneuver.

//Chaos Nightmare// The user grinds both his fists at his side while briefly ascending into the air. While grinding his fists, the user invokes Chaos Control and distorts space around both his fists, creating small violet and purple pulsating spheres around each fist that repels enemies.

//Chaos Burst// The user spins around and uses Chaos Control to hide away in an area of distorted space, disappearing from sight. When emerging from the distorted space, the user briefly creates a small white and purple bubble around himself that damages any opponents that makes contact with it, as well as launching them for multiple hits.

//Shadow Dash// In Shiro’s case, he would utilize his pure speed, shooting himself forward in a quick dash of speed. While dashing, the he would then invoke Chaos Control to warp himself forward across space, before appearing again at a certain distance ahead of where the warp began, while still retaining a bit of momentum, enough to continue moving without stopping.

Forms: The only transformation the male has truly been known to take would have to be his equivalent towards his predecessor, “Chaos Shiro”. Unlike the latter’s, this transformation occurs when the said restriction to safely exerting Chaos Energy is completely bypassed, sending the system into an “Overdrive” function of some sort. During this phase, he has access to an even greater extent of power than before. However, like Shadow, the transformation is temporary due to the massive exertion of Chaos Energy, the aftereffects leaving the user quite drained for a while.

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|| After a five year timeskip, Solaris has grown much more mature and diligent in her work in both Cyberspace and the Real World... ||



ฯ Name: ฯ
"I've been watching."
"Excuse me? I am not a child's toy."
"Humans are scums. You can't change my opinion."
"Just likevhow I'm immune to viruses, I am also immune to stupidity."
"I am Professor Chris Number-Zero Three Solaris, or rather, just Solaris."

ฯ Full Name: ฯ
// Professor Chris Number-03 "Solaris"

ฯ Other Name(s): ฯ
// PCN-03 Solaris
// Solaris
// Sol
// PCN-03
// Zero Three

ฯ Species: ฯ
// Professor Chris Model Reploid
// NetNavi

ฯ Motif: ฯ
// Elf

ฯ Purpose: ฯ
*// Cyber Operations (Civilian)
// Cyber Warfare (Robot Master)

ฯ Weapon(s): ฯ
// Nanocode Sabers (Cyberspace only)
// Silver Sword (Real World, sometimes in Cyberspace)

ฯ Age: ฯ
// Appears to be 18

ฯ Date of Creation: ฯ
// Unknown

ฯ Associated Abilities and Skills: ฯ
// Flight: Solaris can oly fly for a limited amount of time. This ability is only avaible if she's in Cyberspace, in rare occasions, if she has access to this ability, she may use it in the Real World.
// Technokinesis: Solaris can manipulate technology and technological constructs, computers, robots, hardware and other devices that can be termed as "technology".
// Data Manipulation: Solaris can manipulate the binary visible computer information known as data allowing her to collect information about most businesses and organizations and their operations and do amazing things to or inside computers such as hacking and manipulate computer programs. She can even control the data she collects from living beings, inorganic compounds, and even energies.
// Cyberlingualism: Solaris can communicate either telepathically, by speaking verbally, or by touching it physically, with all forms of technology, including machinery, computers and other electronics. The user can hack into cyber systems, restore information and break computer codes.
// Mechanical Constructs: Solaris can create/change mechanics/technology into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence, she has yet to master this particular ability.
// Electromagnetic Pulse Emission: Solaris can produce a surge of electromagnetic energy, which can disrupt all technology nearby. The pulse may come from her hands or even from her entire body.
// Mending: Solaris can repair and return any broken or damaged non-living object to its optimal state no matter how long it has been broken or how damaged it was.
// Programming: Solaris can program a certain function in o subjects thers to change their pattern of behavior or take control of them such transferring her own data into other machines, but still return her own original body.
// Scanning: Solaris can scan anything and analyze the data and information that is gathered, including not just technological and digital subjects, but also that are biological, chemical, etc.
// Technological Possession: TMuch like her programming ability, Solaris can transcend her physical form and exist within other technology (such as computers and robots), but still reunite with her actual body afterwards.
// Technology Augmentation: Solaris can enhance, augment, increase and multiply already existing technology. Note that she cannot actually create technology, simply increase what exist, no matter how little there is.
// Hacking: Solaris is a highly skilled hacker and can break into any kind of system, breaking its computer codes. She hasn't met a challenge yet.
// Swordsmanship: Solaris may not appear like it, but she is quite skilled with a sword.
// Combating: Solaris is alos a physical fighter, stronger kicks than punches, but she'susually "Behind the Scenes" type.
// Immunity: Like her siblings, Solaris is immuned to viruses such as the Sigma Virus and Maverick Virus. It's extremely difficult for her immunity to disable.

ฯ Personality: ฯ
// Solaris shares traits with the typical Tsundere, cold and serious, exclusively aggressive, even to her creator, but around those she can trust, she seems to open up. She generally views herself as a weapon, like Zero. After five long years, Solaris looks much more mature and intelligent, yet her cold exterior still remains with her. Her view over humans hasn't change a bit, but she is shown to be more appriciative to her creative and allies. Solaris is also the type to work alone and dislikes attention towards her, much to her annoyance. Also, she is very organized and clean and is not afraid to point out people's messes, and harshly honest. Solaris is loyal to the Selphia clan, knowing very well what to do when a difficult situation comes.
In her Civilian Mode, she is much more serious and strictly old-fasioned, opposite of her normal personality, she hates technology. She also appears to be somewhat kinder to humans and a little cleaner tgan usual.
And like all elves, Solaris enjoys nature and peace.

ฯ Likes: ฯ
// Hacking
// Nature
// Peace
// Technology
// Her body, as she is now able to travel to the Real World from Cyberspace
// Her sibkings and Creator, although she hates to admit it

ฯ Dislikes: ฯ
//Humans(Result of Elven Motif)_
// Creator (Somewhat, she respects him)
// Nature being harmed
// Messy people
// Very loud people or noises

ฯ Biography: ฯ
// The third of the PCN Series, Solaris was developed as a response to her precessdors going Maverick. Intial tests, while successful, failed to produce an AI capable of living inside a Reploid shell. The project was put on hold for several years, following PCN-04's failure to escape a Rune Gate. However, with Zero's return, Chris resumed testing, though he did not take an active interest, its presumed Solaris first became self aware around the middle of March or April of the current year, though details are sketch. Naturally suspicious of her creator, she remained hidden within cyberspace...until a chance encounter with one of Chris's programs drove her out of hiding. While Chris and Solaris are naturally nervous around one another, its presumed that over time, the two will at least become friends.
Some time later, Chris built her a functional body which she would be allowed to travel between Cyberspace and the Real World.

Five years later, Solaris ventures the Real World from time to time in hopes of finding new ideas to improve her home in Cyberspace, creating her own small digital land within the Selphia Ne similar to the Dragonic-Heartlands, of course with some exceptions such as limited space of only a sky and grass with a single tree. Every now and then, she visits the Heartland City to observe its inhabitants and citize how dirty they are, as well as continue studying and practice her sword and combat skills in the Yokmir Forest, and help out in the lab. Other than that, Solaris has keptbmuch to herself, enjoying the company of her family whenever she desires to.

ฯ Family: ฯ
// Chris Selphia (Creator and "Father")
// PCN Series (Siblings)
// Zero (Ancestor?)
// Hub Hikari (Fellow NetNavi)

ฯ Trivia: ฯ
// Due to lack of testing, Solaris's full power set is unknown, but its presumed she's on a level with most of the war mechs used by the Selphias. She was originally designed to aid Eirene in research, and to find a cure for the Sigma virus, but now she serves a higher purpose: helping bring the Eggman Empire to its knees.

ฯ Appearance: ฯ
// Solaris's appearance has changed drastically over the past five years, she no longer wears her headphones as communication tramission has updated and sports her seemingly long blue hair down with small braids. Her entirely new outfit with a sheath to hold her sword.


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