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I am the leader of the Night Riders. The first female to be accepted into the group of elite assassins, but not the last. My knives are engraved with the royal symbol, a gift from the deceased princess. My name is Ran Willow, but everybody has come to know me as Sweet Tooth because of my fondness for sugar. My temper is famous for making me ruthless in battle, and I never hesitate to protect the royal family or their secrets. After all, it's what I was raised for. My main weapon is a titanium sword given to me by my father, the first ever Night Rider.

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Rosa Reed
18 years of age
My position is Armor Designer
My choice of weapon is five silver stone daggers place on my body at all times.
Grew up to be the first female black smith, then went onto Armor Designer. I have no family and live on my own. I love to read and will always have my nose in a book on my off time. I also am able to make some weapons but I specialize in armor.
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