always have faith in allah cause allah will never let you down.those who are depressed or have fed up with this life i know rthe only thing that ones will think is suicide.why suicide! because they want to end all these problems at once.but dear sisters and brother then you will ne called. as a loser and the one is not strong .cause you are running away from the distress you are but that bot what you have to da run away .instead stand firmly and be ready to fight back.then you will be called courageous and brave.another point is when someone has committed suicide he is making all his beloved obes suffer especially his parents.the one who suffer to give you birth.the one who worked hard to finance your education and you got a little problem and end up your life .think a little bit about is soo beautifull .its a great goft that god gaveus.its a favour fromgod thus we should take good care of it.many newborn childs who wanted to discover the world died but you got so much favour and you deny it.

thanks you very much

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