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What's this community all about?

name: Luna
age: 8 moons
rank: kittypet
clan: none
mate: none
crush: open!!

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Name: Wisptail
Gender: Female
Rank: Warrior
Clan: SunClan (My OC Summersky's Clan)
Age: 23 moons old (If too young, please alert me)
Likes: Being with others, helping, quiet evenings, optimists
Dislikes: Being alone, pessimists, loud crowds of cats, rude cats
Bio: Whisperfur and Ragingfire raised Wisptail as a kit in the middle of the the forest, and when she became apprentice age, her father decided it was about time to let her into SunClan. As an apprentice in SunClan, she was of course happy to be a part of the Clan, but others couldn't tolerate her positivity. They often viewed it as laziness, for her mentor, Venomfang, was a strong warrior. He often went off into battle with CrystalClan. But through the battle, Wisptail, or then "Wispaw" would stay positive and entertain the kits in the nursery. The warriors tried to make her battle a group of CrystalClan cats, but that resulted in her being hurt because she was trying to "work out the problems" with the vicious squad of revenge-seeking tabbies. Venomfang soon turned on his own apprentice and lead him to the paws of their leader, Icespot (No, not Icestar, Icespot). He soon found the burning fire of the young apprentice's father and trained her acknowledgeding the way it made her think and move, while still noting her over-all sense of happiness and positivity. She now is wiser but still holds her kit-like smile on her broad face 

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First one to comment i will draw cat/oc

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Name: Quietnight
Age: 28 moons
Gender: female
Rank: Warrior
Clan: Ocean Clan
Kits: Turbokit (Turboblaze)
Mate: Lazerstar (+LaserBlaze From BadgerBlaze Here​​)

Pine Clan roster
Leader: BadgerBlaze (+Badger Blaze​​​)
Deputy: Moonlight (+Badger Claw​​)
Medicine Cat: Ghostlight (+Lettuceturtle​​)
Med. Cat App: Birchpaw (+LonelyLilTurtle​​)

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This is the roster for this, not made by me though. Im just posting it just in case i need it... cause i might loose it if i dont xD

+Badger Blaze May I make weekly updates on the status of all cats and clans?

Hey, I was just wondering to move along the roster and allow us to have gatherings and clan meetings, we should try to fill out major roles in the clan rosters like Leader, Deputy, and Medicine cat. Maybe have them by the end of this week? I'm dunno... just thought it was a good idea. 

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The snowy she-cat trotted in her clan territory "Obviously theres nothing to do." she sighed
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