By the way, I'll say it again, NO MEGAS

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Winner of R3 is Maggie with Shiftry, Cryogonal and Chandelure!

Round 4: A New Generation!

RNG with the Alola Pokedex! You will garunteed at least have 1 Gen 7 mon! If your mon has an alolan form you must use it! You can use any evolution of your mon. Only 1 sleeper allowed! If anyone else wants to participate let me know in the comments! REMEMBER: THIS IS BASED OFF OF THE ALOLA POKEDEX! It goes from 1 to 302, starting with Rowlet and ending with Marshadow.

Tier: GEN 7 Pokebank Anything Goes. NO MEGAS!

Maggie: 213, 275, 26, 35, 138, 120

Charlie: 208, 142, 293, 263, 300, 296

Zach: 24, 218, 182, 231, 137, 250

Glendon: 97, 251, 250, 7, 50, 19

Jeremiah: 89, 79, 72, 38, 128, 6

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Here's the real link to the chat

Glendon Won.

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For Round 2, First place goes to Charlie with Ferroseed, Axew and Clauncher

Round 2: To Walk You Gotta Crawl!

Baby pokemon ONLY. The Pokémon must have an evolution (no plusle and minun or things of that nature). It must be the FIRST in its evolutionary line. We are also following the Little Cup tier ban list. Go look it up if you need to.

Tier: Anything Goes

Round 3: Randomness is the Best!

Random Number Generator. Wait for me to give you your numbers. That number in the pokedex is your pokemon. You can use any evolution in the line.

Anything Goes

(NO: Mega Rayquaza, Mega Gengar, Mega Blaziken, Primals)

Who's ready to start?


1. Charles vs Jeremiah

2. Glendon vs Matthew

3. Goodwin vs Maggie

4. Zach vs Sean
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