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Panda are coming back!  whos idea was this! I mean I love pandas in all but.. um on animal jam they are funny looking. Maybe animal jam could make them better when there added. I think they had to go in the first place because animal jam must have had a small buget. But just.. no.. no.. pandas....... no. The things animal jam does. DID THEY JUST LEAVE LIKE THIS YEAR! shut THE FRONT DOOR. What are your opinons on the pandas RETURNING.

YAY 2 NEW POST TONIGHT! sorry I have been gone at school but since its been a while, ill tell you about HEADRESSES. you know its a MUST HAVE next to the fox hat, and well beta things. But rumors have been spreading around and well headdresses may come back in November! So don't go trading everything you own, because they wont be beta much longer. Enjoy them being beta now, because before you know it all members will be wearing them.

otters are here! aren't they JUST CUTE! but there a diamond animal.. IN THE DIAMOND  SHOP PEOPLE WERE YELLING OTTERS FOR GEMS! do you agree? will you get a otter
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