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Here's a nice article from Heidi, an instructional designer working at UAF eLearning & Distance Education about what's new for Google Apps for Education.

Think twice before domain restricting groups, communities and the like on Google Apps for EDU

One of the greatest benefits of using Google Apps for Education is how seamless it is to collaborate with individuals outside of your organization. We use this all of the time here in WI when working with external and campus based partners.

Keep this in mind when working on projects which may be of use or benefit not just to external partners, but also to other people in Extension across the country. This holds true for those using eXtension resources as well. Please keep in mind that some of us are already using Google Apps for EDU at our state and local levels, and domain restricting resources does nothing but place an additional barrier for access in front of what would otherwise be potentially useful resources.

It has been a while since there has been any activity here. Are people using a different tool currently for sharing the use of GAFE in CES, or has the conversation just somewhat died down? I ask as I'm working on updating some of my training and documentation, and wanted to see what other resources we had out there.

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Quick and easy Charts and Graphs in Google Sheets

Google added a new 'Explore' tool that will auto-generate some simple charts and graphs for you within a Google Sheet. See how simple this new feature is to use in the video below.

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So this is probably a long time in coming, but thanks +Amy Hays for contributing this way back in January. I just stumbled across it while searching for training resources. You can add a check of that impact box now... woot! ;D

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Cool Voice-to-Text Feature within Google Docs

I know there's several ways to go from voice to text, but here's some ideas in case you have't done this before.

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Thinking about some ways to improve content? This short article had some nice ways to use Google Analytics to look create some content strategies.
How to Use Google Analytics to Optimize Your Content
/via +Kim Garst #analytics

"Do you find yourself running out of content ideas for your website or blog? Or maybe you are wondering how to make sure your current content gets as much traction as possible? Google Analytics contains a wealth of information that can help you get the most out of your content. This post will walk you through how to use Google Analytics on WordPress to optimize your content and come up with new content ideas."

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Do you need some tips on managing multiple Google Accounts?  See our latest blog post on two solutions 1.) Add accounts and toggle, 2.) share with yourself (your other self)

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I signed up into this community and while there is a lot of simple how to questions, I also am finding quite a few tips and suggestions that are helpful.  I admit it's filling up my stream right now, but you can manage that in your "notifications" area if you do sign up and it's taking too much space/time for you.  

Just an FYI... I shut down the Cooperative Extension GAFE Users community per previous discussion.
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