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Name: Riku
Moves: Bubble Beam, Hydro Cannon, Iron Claw, Water Pledge.
Lv. 78
Bio: A Pokémon who isolates himself, he warms up to others eventually

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Rizu the skitty chases tail!
Animated Photo

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rizu the skitty takes a nap

Flies through the forest when...

now all we need a cute group pic

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Name: Rizu
Species: Skitty
Age: 22
Likes: chocolate,yellow things,napping
Dislikes:Thunderstorms,The Dark,and being in high places
Ability: Cute Charm
Attacks: Double Slap,Assist,Attract,Blizzard
Held item: Moon Stone in bag around my neck for when i am ready to evolve. 

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This is a role play community. In the community you will roleplay as a pokemon that lives in a small town. I would like you to know that this community takes place in the coummunity of Pokemon Paridise. To join the community, you give a intro. Ex.


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Name: Striker
Species: Talonflame
Age: 12
Likes: Battles, warm places, and flying
Dislikes: Water, cold places and being still.
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